How To Respond To Compliments On Instagram? (The Right Way)

How To Respond To Compliments On Instagram?

Responding to compliments on Instagram can be a delicate dance, balancing between public and private interactions. 

When someone praises you in a comment or direct message, it’s essential to consider how you want to acknowledge their words. 

If the compliment arrives in a private message, you have the option to respond privately, which might feel more comfortable for both parties. 

However, if the praise is public, your response will be visible to all your followers. 

Additionally, the nature of the compliment matters – whether it’s about your appearance or something else you’ve shared. 

Tailoring your response accordingly can help you express gratitude authentically while maintaining the tone and privacy you prefer.

What is a Compliment?

What is a Compliment?

A compliment is like a warm hug for the soul. It’s when someone says something nice about you or something you’ve done. It’s like a little gift of kindness that makes you feel good inside. You know, like when someone tells you that you’re really good at something or that you look nice today. 

Compliments can make you feel happy and appreciated. They’re like little boosts of confidence that remind you that you’re awesome, just the way you are. Even though getting compliments might feel a bit strange sometimes, it’s important to accept them and say thank you. 

And you know what’s cool? When you give someone a compliment, it makes them feel good too! So, let’s spread the love and make each other smile with compliments.

How To Respond To Compliments On Instagram?

How To Respond To Compliments On Instagram?

When someone compliments you on Instagram, it’s important to respond in a way that’s polite and keeps the conversation comfortable. 

First off, be direct in your response, avoiding filler words like “um” or “uh.” Even though you’re online, try to convey confidence, just as you would in person. You can’t make eye contact through a screen, but speak confidently nonetheless. 

Keep your response short and sweet, a simple “thank you!” works well. If you want to add a little extra flair, throw in an emoji. Remember, the key is to make the person giving the compliment feel appreciated without making things awkward.

A Compliment on Your Post

When someone leaves a compliment on your post, it’s usually because they genuinely enjoyed what you shared. They might admire the beauty of your image, appreciate the artistic composition, or resonate with the quote you’ve posted. 

In such cases, responding with a simple “Thank you” or expressing your gratitude is appropriate. If their comment is detailed or specific, matching their level of personalization can make your response more genuine and relatable.

However, not all compliments are genuine. Some might be spam attempts, where the commenter seeks to promote themselves by leaving generic compliments like “Great pic! Follow me back.” In these situations, you have options. 

You can choose to call out the spammer, stating that you don’t condone spam on your content, and delete their comment. 

Alternatively, you can ignore or delete the comment without engaging further. Reporting blatant spam attempts can also be helpful, as platforms like Instagram take such feedback into account when reviewing accounts for adherence to their terms of service. 

In the end, how you handle spammy compliments depends on your comfort level and the tone you want to set for your online presence.

Ways to Respond to a Instagram Compliment

Responding to compliments on Instagram can be a great way to show appreciation for the kind words you receive and to engage with your followers. 

When someone takes the time to compliment you, it’s important to respond thoughtfully and graciously. 

Overall, responding to compliments on Instagram is a chance to connect with your audience and build relationships, so make sure to respond genuinely and authentically. 

Here are some ways in which you can respond to a Instagram Compliment:

Give a Short, Gracious, and Positive Answer

When someone compliments you on Instagram, it’s important to respond in a way that shows appreciation and warmth. Keep your response short, but make sure it reflects your gratitude and positivity. Acknowledge their kind words and encourage them for taking the time to reach out.

Use an upbeat and friendly tone to convey how good their compliment made you feel. For example, you could say something like, “Aw! You made my day! You’re the best,” or “Wow! I really appreciate that. You’re so sweet!” 

By responding in this manner, you not only express gratitude but also uplift the person who made the compliment, creating a positive interaction for both of you.

Use an Emoji

When someone compliments you on Instagram, there are various ways to respond, adding a touch of your personality to the interaction. 

One simple and fun way is to use emojis. Emojis can convey emotions and reactions in a colorful and expressive manner. 

Whether you respond with just an emoji or combine it with a short comment, it shows that you’ve taken a moment to share your appreciation. 

For instance, you could reply with a starry-eyed emoji “🤩” to express your excitement, or pair it with a grateful comment like “I’m honored! 🙏“. Another option could be to use a speechless emoji “😶💛” to convey your surprise along with a heartwarming touch. 

Emojis add a splash of vibrancy to your response, making the interaction lively and engaging.

Be Creative and Compliment Them Right Back

When someone gives you a compliment on Instagram, it’s your chance to spread some positivity right back! Get playful and creative with your response. 

You can whip up some silly comments to make them smile even more. Joke around about their flattering words, then give them a compliment in return. This not only lightens the mood but also helps them see the great things about themselves. 

For instance, you could say something like, “Really smooth! You’re just trying to butter me up! 🧈” or “Look who’s talking. 😏 I could use those same lines on you!” Another fun option could be, “Okay. Now you’re in the running to be my best friend. 🏅” It’s all about spreading joy and making connections through positivity!

Post a Sincere “Thank You” Letter

When someone compliments you on Instagram, it’s a lovely gesture to respond with more than just a simple “thank you.” Taking the time to craft a heartfelt response can deepen the connection and show your genuine appreciation. You can express gratitude for their presence in your life, even if it’s just in the virtual realm of social media. 

By going above and beyond with your response, you not only acknowledge their kind words but also strengthen the bond between you. 

For instance, you might say, “Thank you for taking the time to write this. You really have a way with words, and I truly cherish this comment. It’s amazing how thoughtful and observant you are.” Or, “You’re honestly so kind. Every time you comment, you bring positivity and upliftment.”

Acknowledge Anyone you Collaborated With

When someone compliments your Instagram post, it’s not just about you – it’s also about the team effort that went into creating it. 

If you collaborated with others, like in a photoshoot or a music video, it’s essential to acknowledge their contributions. Tag each person involved and use your caption to give them a special shout-out. This not only strengthens your connections but also shows your followers how much you value teamwork.

For instance, if a makeup artist helped you look fabulous for a photo shoot, give them a shout-out like, “Shout-out to my MUA, @brushstrokes! 🖌️ She’s the realest!” If a friend provided you with awesome beats for your video, acknowledge them with, “Sampled some wicked beats by @trackmonster! 🎚️ Thanks, bro!” And if someone helped edit your video, appreciate their effort with, “Props to @sliceanddice for editing this video! 🎞️ Awesome cut scenes!” 

By doing so, you not only express gratitude but also demonstrate your appreciation for teamwork.

Respond Carefully if you’re Unsure about the Praise

When someone compliments you on Instagram, it’s important to respond thoughtfully, especially if you’re not quite sure about the intention behind the praise. Online communication can sometimes be tricky to interpret accurately. 

Even if the person uses emojis like a smirk face 😏, their message might not come across as intended. It’s best to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they mean well. 

You can respond by asking a casual question to clarify their meaning, such as, “Hm… what does that mean? 😀” or “What are you going for there? 😉” or “Not sure how to read that. 🤓 Wanna help me out?” 

This approach shows that you’re open to understanding their message better and fosters positive communication on Instagram.

Just Ignore the Comment if you’re Getting a Bad Vibe

When it comes to responding to compliments on Instagram, there are several approaches you can take based on your comfort level and the nature of the comment. If you sense negativity or discomfort from a comment, it’s perfectly okay to simply ignore it or even delete it. 

Remember, it’s your page, and you have the right to curate the content that appears on it. Taking time to unwind or connect with friends can help shift your focus away from any confusing or vague remarks. Additionally, if you’d rather not completely remove the comment, you have the option to hide your posts from that particular user. 

By prioritizing positive interactions, you demonstrate confidence and maturity. Lastly, if a comment crosses a line or violates community guidelines, don’t hesitate to report it. This ensures that platform staff can investigate and take appropriate action. 

Ultimately, maintaining a positive and respectful online environment is key to enjoying your Instagram experience. 

Review your Post before you Press Send

When someone compliments you on Instagram, it’s always nice to respond graciously. Before you hit that send button, take a moment to review what you’ve written. 

Your online presence reflects who you are, so make sure your words represent you well. Think about the tone of your response—friendly and appreciative is always a good choice. 

Once you’re satisfied with your reply, read it on its own, out of context. If it still sounds genuinely nice, you’re good to go. Don’t forget to check for any typos or errors to ensure your response is polished. 

Lastly, consider tagging the person who complimented you so they can easily find your response when they log on. 

By being thoughtful and considerate in your response, you’re not only expressing gratitude but also contributing to making the internet a kinder place.


In summary, responding to compliments on Instagram requires a thoughtful approach that balances sincerity and comfort. 

Whether the praise comes privately or publicly, expressing gratitude is essential. It’s important to tailor your response based on the compliment’s nature and your relationship with the person.

Engaging authentically through emojis, playful banter, or heartfelt messages can enhance the interaction and foster positive connections. Handling spam or ambiguous comments with care, either by addressing them tactfully or ignoring them, is equally important.

In essence, responding to compliments on Instagram is an opportunity to express appreciation, spread positivity, and strengthen online relationships. 

Embracing kindness and responding thoughtfully can contribute to creating a brighter and more uplifting social media environment for everyone.

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