HP Pavilion vs Envy – Which one to Pick?

HP Pavilion vs Envy

Purchasing a laptop is undoubtedly a challenging task as it is a long-term investment requiring a sufficient amount of funds. Thus, it becomes almost necessary to check out the different brands, especially all the different models they offer.

So, is the case between HP Pavilion and HP Envy Laptops. Let’s check out which is better and why.

HP Pavilion vs Envy – Which Laptop Range is better?

If you compare HP Pavilion vs Envy, the main difference is of build quality. HP Envy is better as it is a premium range that offers more features. HP Pavilion has fewer features but focuses on the basics.

Let us now divide this review into different segments, so you can decide it much better:


Pricing and Budget

Anything that you buy is dependent on a budget that you have.

If you have a lower budget and want something capable of doing all the basic work such as browsing, watching movies, basic programming, you should go for the HP Pavilion laptops.

You can also find all the basic ports on the Pavilion range. However, only one or two affordable thunderbolt 3 laptops can be found in this range. Thus, if you want more port selections, you should go for Envy laptops.

They are available in most price segments and are generally the best picks for people on a budget. They generally come with a plastic chassis; however, some Pavilion laptops come with a steel chassis.

If you want to have a powerhouse that can handle anything you throw on it, go for the HP Envy series.

This range of laptops come with the most advanced and premium features. They are built to suit most of the tasks, using heavy apps such as Solidworks or any work software such as QuickBooks. Thus, it is a perfect range of laptops for accountants or any other small business.

Some Envy laptops also come under $1000. It is this budget friendliness that computer science students often pick the envy laptops.

You can also play medium to heavy games, including medium-basic games like Roblox on such laptops.

Design and Build Quality

Since HP makes both Pavilion and Envy, the build quality on comparable laptops is similar. In fact, both the ranges have almost the same designs, due to which users often get confused.

However, most HP Envy laptops tend to better as they are built from anodized aluminum built with a lot of precision. This makes it more durable and resistant to bumps and scratches that happen.

Since most of the HP pavilion laptops are made using affordable parts, you can notice the effect of cutting corners. For instance, if you use many apps or software altogether, the laptop fans become quite noisy. The keyboard also is generally better on the Envy range. More on that later.

If you take 2 different models – let us suppose the Envy x360 and Pavilion x360, it is no surprise that the Envy series will last longer. This is because of the better build quality of the laptops and the use of more premium and better substitutes.

Thus, students rolling into biology majors, prefer these laptops.

Overall, if you want a premium finish, go for the Envy range. HP Pavilion laptops are not a bad pick for primary usage and a build that can get you 3-4 years with ease.


Both Pavilion and Envy range are mostly available in 13.5”, 15.6” and 17.3” variants.

I know it would sound repetitive, but Envy wins this round again. It comes with an exquisite display with crisp and accurate colors and sharpness. The display gets perfectly bright and dim, allowing you to work in almost any light condition. Thus, they form a good companion for a graphic designer, especially the 2-in-1 laptops for graphic designing. The HP Envy range is available in 2 different screen resolutions: 1920x1080p (Full-HD) and 3840x2160p (4K). For better results in post-production and image editing, you can also pair the envy laptops with any affordable monitor for photo editing.

HP Pavilion 15z's Display
HP Pavilion 15z’s Display

Pavilion laptops do a good job of beating the competitors in a similar range, but they are nowhere near the Envy laptops. HP has/had a few pavilion models that came with a black screen bug, but that is fixed now. Since they try to target a larger audience, they are made more affordable. Thus, you can find 3 different screen resolutions: 1366x720p (HD), 1920x1080p (Full-HD) and 3840x2160p (4K).

Overall if you compare the HP Pavilion vs Envy screen quality – The Envy range is a clear winner.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Keyboard on both HP Pavilion and Envy comes in mostly a full-size keyboard (15 inch and 17-inch laptop variants), and both do a great job.

However, you can feel the better typing experience on Envy. The transition in between keys feels snappy and quick, along with excellent tactile feedback. This makes typing a gratifying experience.

The Keyboard and Touchpad on HP Envy 13 (Image Credits: Pocketlint)

The keyboard is backlit, and the light intensity can be adjusted as well. The touchpad uses Windows precision drivers and feels pretty snag and accurate.

The Keyboard on the HP pavilion range is also impressive as well. The keys are well spaced and have decent feedback doing the overall typing experience overall fun. Understandably, they are not as good as Envy, but they are worth a try.

Not all HP pavilion laptops come with a backlit keyboard. The touchpad is quite similar to the one found in the HP Envy range and does a magnificent job of handling multiple clicks, scrolls, and snaps with the most profound accuracy.


Performance is one of the core aspects a person must check while purchasing a laptop. Thus, here as also it becomes an essential point of discussion.

Both Envy and Pavilion use either Intel or AMD processors. But in case of envy, HP is seen to be sticking around using only Intel Processors (that too the latest ones). But that’s not the case with Pavilion. It has been seen repeatedly that HP used some older gen CPUs to make the pricing more affordable.

Coming to the graphics performance, Envy is a clear winner. The graphics card on Envy laptops are more suited for gaming and can withstand video editing as well. The HP Pavilion, on the other hand, comes with entry level cards or integrated ones. They are suitable for simple games and light video editing. But for heavy apps and games, they can’t put the best show.

Battery Life

Battery life depends on a lot of factors and use case scenarios. But if you look at general usage, you will find that the HP Pavilion range of laptops performs better here. They can give about 7-9hrs of battery life on general use.

On the other hand, the Envy range loses here because of the heavier battery requirement by CPU and Display. On average, they can last about 4-6hrs, but this is compensated by fast charging. This again varies from model to model.

What is the difference between HP Envy and HP Pavilion – Who Wins?

From the points listed above, it is clear that the HP Envy series is overall a better pick over the HP Pavilion series.

They have much more durable construction and uses better performing substitutes. They also have a slimmer profile making them suitable for traveling with.

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