How Often Should You Buy A New Laptop? [Revealed]

how often should you buy a new laptop

Laptops have started becoming popular over time. But when your laptops start degrading or show the symptoms that their end is near, it can be tempting to look online for a replacement. Questions like “how often should you buy a new laptop?”, “laptop life span” and “how long do laptops last?” can flood your mind when you think about buying a new laptop. 

The outer panel, which once used to look sharp and shiny, has started looking old and dusky. You can even upgrade your PC by replacing its components, but it’s very difficult to replace the components of a laptop. 

In the end, it’s just the price for portability you pay while buying laptops. So, thinking about buying a new laptop? Read this blog post till the end to know how often should you get a new laptop. 

How Often Should You Buy A New Laptop?

Answering when you should get a new laptop is a little challenging. However, most people believe in the 5-year rule. A 4 to 5-year rule seems to be quite normal for using a single laptop. After 5 years, it’s often customary to upgrade to a better version of a laptop with much more advanced specifications and is more potent than your previous laptop. 

In case you’ve bought a MacBook or any other premium Apple laptop, you may not need to upgrade your laptop after five years. The fact that Apple laptops last longer than other PCs can save you thousands of dollars. The replacement of your Apple laptop really depends on the way you use it and the components it had when you bought it. 

However, even if you don’t have an Apple MacBook, you may not have to replace your laptop even after 5 years. If your laptop is still running smoothly, there may not be any need for you to upgrade the laptop, no matter how tempting it may look. 

You may look for different signs while considering getting your laptop replaced. They may not be relevant to all the devices but are definitely worth looking for. We will discuss the signs later in the article, so keep reading the blog post till the end. 

How Long Do Laptops Last?

A laptop can last as long as you want it to. It majorly depends on its efficiency and the way use it. If you use your laptop to play games on it day and night, the time is not far when your laptop will get slowed down. Of course, it won’t work the same way as it used to do when you first pulled it out of the box. 

Budget laptops, when used properly, can last upto three years. However, premium laptops such as Apple MacBook Pro or UltraBook can last upto five years. 

Signs To Know When To Buy A New Laptop

when should you get a new laptop

Answering when to get a new laptop can be challenging. Many other factors than the way you use your laptop decide your laptop span life. A gaming laptop that has been used all day and night to play high-end games may last for only 2 years, while a budget laptop used occasionally may last longer.  

So, what you will do on your laptop is a significant factor. Many other factors indicate it’s now the time to get a laptop replacement:

1. Your Computer’s Fans Are Getting Noisy

If your laptop’s becoming noisy, know that it’s the first sign of an aging laptop. Even if you are not working with any high-end program and the fan is still making noise, it is perhaps the time to get your laptop replaced.

If you’re running the latest operating system, the programs could max out to your laptop’s hardware, thus, causing it to run warmer than usual. 

2. It Would Be Cheaper To Replace Than To Repair

Want to answer, “how often should I replace my laptop?” Get it done if the repairing cost is higher than the overall replacement cost. 

Getting your old laptop’s components replaced is generally a more cost-effective option. Getting a laptop fixed or repaired can save lots of money. Although it will result in lost productivity, it is less costly than replacing an old laptop. 

However, getting a laptop repaired can be more expensive than buying a new laptop at one point in time. This is the signal that you need to get your laptop replaced. 

3. It Takes Ages For The Applications To Load

If you’re using an old laptop and the applications take longer to load than usual, it is the sign that answers your question, “how often should you replace your laptop?”

Even if you’re running on the latest version of a program, an old laptop may not be able to process it fast. Make sure to check the compatibility of the software with your laptop’s model and OS version while installing it and know if it works for your laptop or not. 

4. The 5-year Rule

Most budget laptops can last long upto 3 years, while high-end premium laptops such as an Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, or UltraBook can work efficiently for 5 years. 

Most people believe that a laptop has already declined in usability and performance in 3 years and started finding its replacement. But this isn’t the case. If you use your laptop correctly, it can last for upto 5 years. 

Your laptop can still be effective and well-performing even after 5 years. Take your laptop to a specialist every 5 years to repair any current damages. 

Watch this video before buying a new laptop:

5. Display Quality

Look at your laptop screen to answer, “how long does a laptop last?” Of course, your laptop won’t have the same sharp and shiny glass panel it used to have when you first purchased it. It would have become dusty and old by now. But does your laptop screen start to have dead pixels on the screen, or did the screen start flickering? 

If it does so, it’s perhaps the perfect time you should start considering getting your laptop replaced. 

A display is one of the most expensive and essential parts of a laptop system. Replacing a display, especially if you have a high-resolution screen, can cost you a lot. 

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6. Your Laptop Shutdowns Randomly

Do you also get frustrated when your laptop starts shutting down randomly? It occurs mostly when the device gets overheated. This can also be a problem with the battery, but if the battery is complete and the laptop still randomly shuts off when you’re using it, it’s something serious!

Do Macs Last Longer Than PCs?

There is often a dilemma as to whether Macs or Windows PCs last longer. The answer to it mostly depends on its configuration, hardware, and the way you use it. 

Apple provides strong hardware support and high maintenance system for all their products. They have the same reputation and brand value as they had earlier. In fact, Apple’s popularity has increased in recent times, particularly for businesses, because they have tight hardware integration with a good Apple software support ecosystem. This is mainly because an Apple laptop’s components are made from high build-quality than many cheaper components that other Windows manufacturers use. 

IOS is just another factor that makes Apple laptops better. If you are using a MacBook or any other Apple laptop, 5 years is the average time you should wait before you start considering getting your laptop replaced. 

Should You Leave Your PC On Or Off?

when should you get a new laptop

You might be curious to know if you should switch off your PC every time you switch it on or just leave it on? Well, laptops have parts that wear out. 

Switching off a laptop every time you switch it on can affect your laptop batteries and your LCD panel. If you have to work throughout the day, don’t switch off your laptop during the day. Instead, use the sleep mode. This option helps place your laptop in a lower power mode without fully turning it off, thus saving your batteries from getting damaged. 

If you do not use your laptop daily, it’s safer to keep it switched off. Power it on when you require it next. 

FAQs― How Often Should You Buy a New Laptop

1. Can a laptop last 10 years?

Technically, it is a little challenging to find a 10-year-old laptop that still works well for you. Even if it works well, there are high chances that it won’t work with many applications and software. If you don’t need a high-performance new laptop, a 5-year-old laptop should work well. 

2. Can a laptop last 20 years?

On average, a laptop can work with full efficiency only for 3 to 5 years. Even if you manage to protect it and save it from the last 10 or 20 years, the laptop will just start working well. However, the technology may become obsolete.

3. Is a 7-year-old computer worth fixing?

If the laptop is 5 years or more, say 7 years, it’s not worth fixing and reusing. Most of the laptop’s part has worn out and needs repair. Repairing the full laptop can cost you more than 50% of its original cost. 

So, it’s better to get a laptop replacement instead of fixing and using a 7-year-old laptop.

4. How long do new laptops last?

Most experts believe that a laptop runs for an average span of 3 to 5 years. Using the laptop with more care and safety may survive even more than 5 years, but it will be difficult to run high-end programs and applications on it. 

5. How do I know if I need a new laptop?

A laptop degrades over time, no doubt. The key component to finding out whether you need a new laptop or not is if it works the same way as it did earlier. Some laptops may continue to work longer than 5 years, but their range of tasks gets limited. 

In other words, you will be able to perform only a limited amount of work using those laptops. 


We hope you’ve understood how often you should buy a new laptop. Getting a laptop replacement every 4-to 5 years is a smart idea unless your laptop works almost the same way it used to work before. 

MacBooks appear to have a longer life span, sometimes even more than five years. If you want to buy a new laptop, especially for business purposes, go for a MacBook. MacBook has tight hardware integration with a good Apple software support ecosystem.

This is majorly because an Apple laptop’s components are made from high build-quality than many cheaper components that other Windows manufacturers use. IOS is just another factor that makes Apple laptops better.

But this doesn’t mean you’re going to change your laptops every 4-to five years. Use them till their components wear out. Live a sustainable life. Old laptops aren’t that bad. If you face any problem with your 3 to 4-year laptop, always check for updates before thinking of buying a new laptop. 

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