How To Get Brand Deals On Instagram? (Complete Guide)

How To Get Brand Deals On Instagram?

Are you an Instagram user looking to turn your passion into profit? 

With over 18 million posts tagged #ad and 4 million tagged #sponsored, it’s clear that sponsored content is a significant avenue for influencers to earn a living, with some even raking in six figures. 

But breaking into this world can be daunting. Fear not! This article is your guide to navigating the landscape of brand deals on Instagram. 

From the basics to expert tips, we’ll show you how to leverage your IG platform to secure your first sponsored post and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or just starting out, we’ve got you covered. 

So, let’s dive in and unlock the potential of your Instagram presence!

What are Instagram sponsorships? 

What are Instagram sponsorships?

Instagram sponsorships are essentially when a company pays someone to promote their product or service on Instagram. 

There are two main types: promoted posts and paid sponsorships. Promoted posts are like ads that Instagram boosts for a fee, aiming to reach more people. Paid sponsorships involve a brand paying an Instagram user, often an influencer or celebrity, to showcase their product or service to their followers. 

These sponsored posts must be disclosed as ads, as required by the Federal Trade Commission, to maintain transparency and trust with the audience. 

Sponsored content on Instagram can take various forms such as Reels, Stories, in-feed posts, and livestreams, often featuring demo videos, tutorials, or product showcases. 

It’s common to see tags like “paid partnership” or “ad” to indicate sponsored content, and sometimes these posts include discount codes for followers.

So, in a nutshell, Instagram sponsorships are paid collaborations between brands and users to promote products or services in an authentic and engaging way on the platform.

What Brands Look for in Instagram Sponsorships?

What Brands Look for in Instagram Sponsorships?

Brands really care about a few key things when they’re thinking about teaming up with Instagram influencers:

  1. A Cool Story: Brands love it when influencers have a unique and interesting tale to tell. Whether you’re an artist, a fashionista, or into something else, focus on that and share your journey. It makes you stand out!
  2. Engaged Followers: Having followers who are genuinely interested in what you do is super important. Engage with them by responding to comments and messages. Make them feel heard and appreciated.
  3. An Awesome Profile: Your Instagram profile is like your business card. Make sure it looks good! Use a nice picture, write a bio that tells people who you are, and include contact info so brands can reach out to you easily.
  4. Consistent Posting: Brands want to see that you’re active on Instagram. Try to post regularly so your followers don’t forget about you. And remember, quality over quantity!
  5. Smart Tagging: Use hashtags, geotags, and tag brands in your posts to get noticed. But be strategic! Use hashtags that are relevant to your content, and tag brands that match your vibe. It helps you stand out in a crowded feed.

So if you’re looking to catch the eye of brands for Instagram sponsorships, focus on telling your story, engaging with your followers, and keeping your profile looking fresh. That’s the recipe for success!

How To Get Brand Deals On Instagram?

To get brand deals on Instagram, here’s a simplified guide:

  1. Know Your Style: Decide what type of content you want to make and who your audience is. Make sure your Instagram page has a consistent look and feel.
  2. Stay Active: Post regularly to keep your profile visible. It’s recommended to post once a day to stay on top of Instagram’s algorithm. You can save time by creating content in batches.
  3. Stand Out with Video: Create an attention-grabbing video resume or portfolio showcasing your personality, audience stats, and previous brand collaborations.
  4. Set Your Rates: Be clear about your pricing and what brands will get in return. Aim for long-term partnerships rather than one-time payments.
  5. Make Contact Easy: Include your business email in your profile and set up an email button for easy communication with brands.
  6. Proactive Content Creation: Make content featuring brands you like without being asked. This shows dedication and may lead to reposts or future collaborations.
  7. Stay Updated: Keep up with Instagram’s latest features and trends to show brands you’re relevant.
  8. Accept Feedback: Stick to brand guidelines and seek feedback before posting sponsored content.
  9. Be Professional: Be friendly, respectful, and reliable throughout the collaboration process.
  10. Consider Agencies: If reaching out to brands isn’t your thing, consider signing up with an influencer marketing agency to connect you with relevant brands.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of landing brand deals on Instagram.

Things to Consider Before Accepting an Instagram Sponsorship

Things to Consider Before Accepting an Instagram Sponsorship

Before you say yes to an Instagram sponsorship, consider a few key things:

  1. Audience Match: Make sure the brand fits your vibe. If you’re into fitness, team up with fitness-related brands, not travel companies.
  2. Brand’s Requirements: Check what the brand expects from you. Ensure you meet their criteria without straining yourself.
  3. Contract Details: Read the fine print. Protect your content rights and understand how your work will be used.
  4. Instagram Rules: Know Instagram’s rules for making money. You need to follow their guidelines and be transparent about partnerships.
  5. Monetizable Content: Not all content can earn you money. Avoid promoting things like clickbait or misinformation.
  6. Payment and Terms: Make sure you’re getting paid fairly for your effort. Negotiate if needed or walk away if the offer doesn’t match your worth.

How to Disclose a Paid Partnership on Instagram?

To make it clear that you’re partnering with a brand on Instagram

For Regular Posts

  1. Upload your content.
  2. Hit “Next.”
  3. Click “Advanced settings.”
  4. Turn on “Add paid partnership label.”
  5. Choose the brand and add them.
  6. If you want them to share your post, toggle on “Allow brand partners to promote.”
  7. Press “Done” to share.

For Stories

  1. Upload your Story.
  2. Click the tag icon.
  3. Tap “Add paid partnership label.”
  4. Choose the brand.
  5. If you want them to use your content for ads, toggle on “Allow brand partners to promote.”
  6. Hit “Done” to post.

For Reels

  1. Upload your Reel.
  2. Tap “Next.”
  3. Tap “Advanced Settings.”
  4. Turn on “Add paid partnership label.”
  5. Choose the brand.
  6. Press “Done” to share.

For Live

  1. While live, tap “Details.”
  2. Add the brand.
  3. Tag them in your Live.


In conclusion, diving into the world of brand deals on Instagram can be an exciting journey filled with opportunities for growth and success. 

By understanding the essence of Instagram sponsorships, honing your unique story, engaging authentically with your audience, and maintaining a polished profile, you lay the foundation for attracting brands. 

Moreover, following a strategic approach, staying proactive, and embracing professionalism throughout your collaborations significantly enhance your chances of securing lucrative partnerships. 

Remember to always prioritize alignment with brands, clarity in communication, and adherence to platform guidelines for a fruitful and sustainable influencer journey. 

So, as you embark on this adventure, armed with knowledge and determination, may your Instagram endeavors flourish, and may your sponsored posts resonate with authenticity and value. Cheers to unlocking the full potential of your Instagram presence!

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