How Big Is A 14 Inch Laptop? (2024 Guide)

how big is a 14 inch laptop

There are lots of things you need to consider before buying a laptop. Many people look for laptops with a high RAM and good processor while others look for sharp and outstanding external features. One other thing you should look at while buying a laptop is its dimensions. 

Most people prefer buying mid-sized laptops, such as a 15-inch laptop because they are very convenient for detailed work. Laptops with screen size 11 or 13 inches are often too small.

However, there is one more laptop with a screen size of 14 inches. Although they are not as common as a 15-inch laptop but provide some great benefits too. People use different-sized laptops for different purposes.

But have you ever thought about how big is a 14 inch laptop?

Knowing your laptop sizes is very crucial if you are buying a new laptop and need one laptop bag too! Do you know how to measure your laptop screen size?

Knowing “how big is 14 inches laptop is?” can help you decide if that particular size will work for your computing and lifestyle requirements or not. 

So, are you going to buy a new laptop? Go through this article before buying a 14 inch laptop.

How Big Is A 14 Inch Laptop?

A 14-inch laptop size is one of the most ideal sizes for laptop lovers all around the world. The laptop has a screen resolution of 1366/768 which is usually lower than a 15-inch laptop. The size of the laptop screen is measured along the diagonal, so there are chances of differences in the laptop screen with different brands. 

However, a 14 inch is popular not only for its size but also because of the following specifications:

1. Weight

It’s important that the laptops weigh less. They need to be transported from one place to another for a variety of purposes. A student may need to carry his laptop to his college or an employee needs his laptop in the office. 

A heavy device needs a more robust backpack and energy to carry it to different places. Being a small 14 inch laptop, it certainly has a reduced weight. 

2. Battery Life

Your laptop’s battery consumption depends more or less on your screen size. The bigger your monitor, the more is your battery drainage. Hence, working on a miniature laptop won’t lead to as much battery life drain as it would have been done in a 15 inch laptop for longer durations. 

is 14 inch laptop big enough

3. Working Fast

Want to experience typing with a perfectly optimized keyboard? Buy yourself a 14 inch laptop. 14 inch laptops do not have any number pads on the side that might have obstructed a fast typing speed. It serves as a cakewalk through the various data and numbers. 

A 14 inch laptop can provide you with the best typeface experience. What is more satisfying than working with a perfectly fitted and developed keyboard? 

4. Portability

If you’re a student or a working employee with no desk space, it’s better to get a compact laptop. Compact 14 inches laptops are lightweight and easier to carry. A larger laptop may provide you with a higher screen resolution, but it will definitely wear you out if you keep standing holding the laptop for too long. 

5. Pixel Density

Pixel density is one such factor that depends solely on your laptop’s screen size. No matter how optimized the laptop screens are, the smaller laptop usually has a richer pixel density. 

The 15.6 inches laptop has a larger display. It results in a worse pixel density distribution on your screen thus providing a dull resolution. On the other hand, a smaller 14 inch laptop has a smaller screen size. The pixels are packed more closely into a smaller panel to provide a richer experience. 

Why Is A 14 Inch Laptop So Popular?

is a 14 inch laptop too small

The 14-inch laptop has become one of the most popular laptops during these times. It is not as heavy as the 15 or 15.6 inches laptops and not as compact as the 11 or 13 inches laptops. Many people ask “is 14 inch laptop big enough?” Yes. It is the best possible configuration of laptop you can ever get. 

A 14-inch laptop offers you greater portability than a 15-inch laptop and a bigger screen than a 13-inch laptop. You can easily use this laptop for all sorts of activities, such as watching movies, browsing the web, documentation, editing, etc.

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Laptop Size Chart

Want to find a perfectly sized laptop for your small desk space? Well, no more worries. We will help you sort your laptop dimension problems to find out how big is a 14 inch laptop. 

Laptops and tablets are available in various screen sizes. 1 inch (also 1″) is equal to 2.54 cm. So calculate accordingly. Do not forget to add the edge of your laptop’s screen. 

Check out the following size chart to know the correct 14 inch laptop dimensions after you’ve measured your laptop:

Diagonal laptop/tablet (cm)Diagonal laptop/tablet (inch)
25.40 cm10 inch
27.94 cm11 inch
30.48 cm12 inch
33.02 cm13 inch
35.56 cm14 inch
38.10 cm15 inch
40.64 cm16 inch
43.18 cm17 inch
45,72 cm18 inch
48,26 cm19 inch
50,80 cm20 inch

Measure your laptop diagonally with a measuring tape. This is how laptops should be measured. 


1. Is 14 inch laptop too small for programming?

A 14 inch laptop is quite okay for coding purposes. It is travel friendly and can be ported to other places without any major issues. A 15.6 laptop just adds weight to your laptop. It’s better if you go for a 14 inch laptop for all your coding and programming work.

2. Is 14 inch laptop good for students?

A 14 inch laptop is more lightweight, portable, and compact. It requires less desk space area and has a great battery shelf life. If you’re a student and thinking of buying a new laptop, you should definitely go for a 14 inch laptop. 

3. Why are 14-inch laptops more expensive?

The 14 inch laptops might not necessarily be more expensive than the 15 inch laptops. The price depends upon the system specifications. 

Since the 14 inch laptops provide all the specifications and capabilities in a more compact and sleek manner, they can be a little more expensive than the normal 15 inch laptop. 

4. Is 14 inch laptop good for gaming?

A lot of people prefer to buy 14 inch laptops for gaming too. Due to their compactness, greater portability, and high screen resolution, 14 inch laptops are quite famous among gamers. 

5. Is a 14 inch laptop too small?

14 inch laptops are generally used by the students who have to do their academic work and by various office people who want compact laptops as they are highly portable. However, a 14 inch laptop may not be best for you to watch movies and play games. They also somehow have a little less battery life due to smaller batteries. 


We hope we provided you with enough clarity to answer the question, “how big is a 14 inch laptop?” Most of the confusion takes place when people think of buying a new laptop but end up being in a dilemma. 

Sizing is not the only factor. Buy the laptop which you require. If you want a compact laptop that is highly portable, go for a 14 inch laptop. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase a laptop with a big screen to do coding and play games, go for 15 or above inches of laptops. Heavier weight often comes with toughness and durability. So here is a give and take that you should fit in your mind.

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  1. Well years ago, laptops were heavy behemoths to lug around at any size. Now we have 15-inch notebooks just as light as 13-inch models. For me who goes between a desktop monitor and a laptop frequently. I prefer the screens to be closer to the same size or at least same scaling. Small notebooks don’t impress me anymore, and I prefer a bigger screen with my eye- sight as I have aged. I used a MacBook Air for years, until I needed glasses to use it. Now my only Mac is a Mac Mini hooked to a 22-inch monitor. If Apple ever made a 15- inch Macbook Air I would probably buy it. Instead, I prefer Windows PC’s because they offer more affordable 15-inch notebooks.

  2. I have mostly bought 13-inch notebooks, but as my eyes have aged, I prefer bigger screens. Since 15-inch notebooks have become lighter, I much prefer the extra screen space. I can see the advantage of smaller screens traveling, but that’s behind me so I much rather have the bigger notebook. The other advantage with a bigger notebook is typically having more port selection. I see too many small notebooks deleting ports down to just a couple.

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