7 Best Laptop For 10 Year Old Daughter or Son

Best Laptop For 10 Year Old Daughter

The educational demands for recreational demands, practical demands for personality development demands, children do need to be familiar with a computer system.

Having said that it is obviously important to have Parental Control over your child and to provide your child with a suitable laptop that allows her easy access to the same.

The only thing you want your 10-year-old daughter or son to do is to focus on their studies.

What can you do?

Get one of the best laptops for 10 year old daughter or your son.

On that note, you may ask, which is the one I should get for my kid currently?

The Microsoft Surface Go is the best laptop for a 10-year-old for 2024. Your daughter and son can use this affordable laptop for up to 9 hours without having to worry about power. The laptop is also a touchscreen which makes it fun for some games they might play occasionally.

Hence, we have a list of some choicest laptops, that are children friendly and they can be softly operated by children. You must go through the suggestions and see if you can find a match for your child as well.

7 Best Laptops for a 10 Year Old 2024

Microsoft Surface Go: Best Laptop for 10 year Old

Microsoft Surface Go
Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go is our pick for the parents looking for a laptop for the 10 year old kid, be it a daughter or their son.

I love the fact that the Microsoft Surface is a 2 in 1 laptop. Thus, it can be used both as a laptop as well as a tablet for the price of one.

It comes with a tablet mode, and so you can convert it into a tablet easily as and when you desire.

The only problem that I feel is that the laptop does not come with a keyboard and mouse. It needs to be purchased separately, but it is worth the purchase for your kid.

I am recommending, the laptop as #1 because it is very affordable and performance-packed. Even if you are tight on your pocket, you need not worry about the expense. The features of the laptop are so upgraded and efficient.

The device is super lightweight and weighs only 1.5 lbs. Hence carrying this two in one laptop becomes very easy for children, as it’s not going to weigh their shoulders down and fit perfectly into backpacks.

The Official Microsoft laptop comes with 8GB DDR4 memory and 128 GB SSD storage which is more than enough for kids, especially those 10 year olds.

The 10-inch display with an 1800 × 1200p resolution is simply gorgeous. We tried this laptop with ABCMouse and the kids were very satisfied with the visuals. The screen is bright, it is vibrant and it also comes with a USB C port. The battery life of this laptop is very long-lasting.

You can also attend any sort of school meetings on platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, etc, without having to worry about extra setup. This computer is more than enough to tackle all of it single-handedly.

Moreover, the battery life is nothing short of impressive as the laptop can stand for up to 9 hours without being plugged in for power.

Further, you are not spending a fortune on this touchscreen laptop. I love touchscreen for kids, because many a time, it becomes a hassle for them to use the keyboard and mice.

The touchscreen on this affordable laptop is one of the reasons why it’s the best laptop for 10 year old. The money you are going to spend on this one is all worth it, believe me.

The little beast features a 1.6GHz Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y AMD CPU and an Intel HD graphics 615. This makes the laptop deliver you the fastest performance possible, which boosts the speed of educational programs and classes.

Salient features:

  1. Bright Visuals: Yes
  2. CPU : 1.6GHz Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y AMD
  3. GPU: Intel HD Graphics 615
  4. Storage : 128 GB SSD
  5. RAM: 8GB DDR4
  6. Lightweight: Yes
  7. Durable Build: Yes
  8. Cheap: Yes
  9. User Friendly: Yes

ASUS Chromebook C202XA: Most Rugged Laptop for 10 year old

ASUS Chromebook C202XA
ASUS Chromebook C202XA

The Asus Chromebook is hands down the Best Chromebook for 10 year old daughter or even your son.

The first thing that convinced me to go for this laptop is that it can tolerate some very harsh drops, thanks to the rugged design. It also comes with a 180-degree rotation to help you fold back when needed. The edges of the laptop are rubberized.

I like recommending Chromebooks for kids because you can download Android Apps on them. If you visit the Google PlayStore from your android device, you can see that tons of FREE apps will help your child’s education.

This is also one of the major reasons why many schools consider Chromebooks as the best computer for 10 year olds.

The keyboard is spill-resistant and it can tolerate minor water spills, which is very handy (especially when your 10 years old has slippery hands). The laptop comes with a very good battery life of 10 hours. The functioning of the laptop is a very user-friendly one which is very convenient for children.

The 11.6-inch screen is clear and bright. The Resolution is 1366x768p which is a balanced one.

It comes with a basic but decent processor to suit the requirements of a young child which is a MediaTek 8173C Chip.

Further, the laptop does not compromise on graphic card support and it comes with the ‎IMG PowerVR GX6250, which can handle all the GPU power that a kid might need.

A 32GB Storage and 4GB DDR3 RAM can easily suffice the work they might get from their school.

The laptop is made into a lightweight and portable laptop that can be taken to the classroom for taking notes and writing essays. It weighs only 2.6 lbs. Hence, the super affordable laptop makes its way to the list.

Salient features:

  1. Bright display: Yes
  2. CPU: MediaTek 8173C
  3. GPU: ‎IMG PowerVR GX6250
  4. Storage : 32GB eMMC
  5. RAM: 4GB  LPDDR3
  6. Lightweight and Portable: Yes
  7. Durable build: Yes
  8. Affordable: Yes
  9. User friendly: Yes

Acer Spin 1

Acer Spin 1
Acer Spin 1

The Acer Spin 1 is one of my favorite laptops on this list for a kid.

It is a very lightweight laptop that can be carried by the child without loading her shoulders down. It weighs just 2.75 lbs. The battery life of this laptop is just overwhelming. It has 10 to 12 hours of battery life.

The laptop runs on Windows operating system which makes it very convenient to run software programs on it.

Also, this is a convertible laptop and it comes with a stylus which would be very handy for 10 year olds who are into drawing and art.

The laptop has a standard display that does not strain the eyes of your child. The 11.6 inches screen has a resolution of 1080p. It comes with a 1.1 GHz CPU and an Intel HD Graphics 505. The storage is 64 GB and the memory is 4 GB.

Downloading and running educational programs becomes very smooth with this arrangement, even though you only get a basic processor.

If you can spend more money, the Acer Spin 3 is also worth checking out.

Salient features:

  1. Clear Screen: Yes
  2. CPU: 1.1 GHz
  3. GPU: Intel HD Graphics 505*
  4. Storage: 64 GB
  5. RAM: 4GB
  6. Lightweight and Portable: Yes
  7. Durable build: Yes
  8. Affordable: Yes
  9. User friendly: Yes

Dell Chromebook 3189: Budget laptop for 10 year daughter

Dell Chromebook 3189
Dell Chromebook 3189

This Chromebook is specially designed for children’s education. It is a 2 in 1 convertible Laptop which makes it further convenient to use.

The laptop has some amazing features for children.

I recommend this laptop for parents running on tight ends. It is a well-built machine and comes with good features and Chrome OS at an affordable rate, making it is very affordable for parents with kids.

Your kid won’t have to face any sort of complicated setting while his school day which is why I highly recommend it for kids.

The screen size is a standard 11.6 inch which is sufficient for young souls. It has an Intel Celeron N3060 242 Processor and a Graphics Card which is Intel HD Graphics. Both these features will make the functioning of the Laptop very fast and efficient.

The laptop comes with 4 GB RAM and 16GB storage. This is sufficient in most cases. In case you feel that you will be running out of storage, you can always use a flash drive.

The touchpad is responsive and you won’t have to face any problems with it whatsoever.

Coming to the weight and build, the laptop weighs 3.2 lbs and is made with a durable body. Thus, it is easily manageable for a 10 year old daughter who might not be able to carry a heavy laptop all the time.

Salient features:

  • Bright Visuals: Yes
  • CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 242*
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • compact: Yes
  • Durable build: Yes
  • Cheap: Yes
  • User friendly: Yes

Dell Inspiron 11 3000: Best Windows Laptop for 10 year Old

Dell Inspiron 11 3000
Dell Inspiron 11 3000

This laptop from Dell is again a very solid and lightweight laptop that you can give to your 10 year old child. Talking about its features, the display quality is good enough. Dell Inspiron laptop weighs 2.9 lbs.

The 11-inch screen has a resolution of 1366×768 p resolution. The only drawback that we see with this laptop is the webcam which is only 0.9 MP webcam this might not let your child have a good online class.

Other than this everything is perfect with the laptop and it’s best suited for use.

The laptop is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. It comes with a Pentium dual-core processor and Intel integrated HD graphics.

The storage will not let you down because it is 500 GB storage along with 4 GB RAM there are enough connectivity ports for the need.

Salient features:

  • Bright display: Yes
  • CPU: Pentium dual-core
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 500 GB
  •  RAM: 4GB
  • Lightweight: Yes
  • Durable build: Yes
  • Affordable: Yes
  • User friendly: Yes

Asus Chromebook Flip C213SA

Asus Chromebook Flip C213SA
Asus Chromebook Flip C213SA

The 11.6 inches display of this laptop comes with a resolution of 1366 × 768p. The display has a touchscreen and the build is very sturdy. The laptop is a Chromebook and comes with the Chrome operating system.

Also, one can rotate this laptop by 360 degrees, which is a plus because kids often tend to play with screens. If the screen is not at least 180 degrees rotatable, the screen may break due to pressure.

The battery life does not disappoint you because upon one charging session you get 11 hours of battery life, which is amazing. Your kid won’t have to get in trouble of playing with electricity and you can charge the laptop when your daughter or son is away.

Moving ahead to discuss other specs of the laptop, it comes with an Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 and1 GHz (2M Cache, up to 2.4 GHz) processor. The laptop is equipped with Intel HD graphics 500, 32GB storage, and 4 GB RAM.

Salient features:

  • Bright display: Yes
  • CPU : Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 and1 GHz (2 M Cache, up to 2.4 GHz)
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500
  • Storage: 32 GB
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • Lightweight: Yes
  • Durable build: Yes
  • Affordable: Yes
  • User friendly: Yes

Acer Chromebook 514 Laptop

Acer Chromebook 514
Acer Chromebook 514

Finally, let me introduce you to the best Acer laptop for a 10 year old, the Acer Chromebook 514 laptop.

If you do not mind exceeding your budget a little, then Acer Chromebook could be the perfect choice for your 10 year old daughter. The laptop has the best possible features in the range.

The laptop is slightly heavier and it weighs 3 pounds but it is manageable for a 10 year old. It comes with a beautiful display that is clear and vivid.

The laptop is very secure and comes with Chrome OS from Google which focuses a lot on security.

The display is 14 inch and it comes with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, which is just a perfect option. The backlit keyboard is soft to touch and makes your typing experience enjoyable for kids.

The HD webcam delivers delightful usage during online classes and during their daily schoolwork or assignments.

Thus, you can use it for online meetings on kids learning platforms and other apps like zoom and google meet.

The Laptop comes with Celeron® N3450. 1.10 GHz CPU, HD Graphics 500. I feel that the LPDDR4 memory of 4 GB and 64GB storage is sufficient for kids until they grow up to be teens. But again, that will happen after 5-6 years. So that will be a perfect time for your next upgrade, isn’t it?

With all these amazing specs, the laptop absolutely deserves to be one of the worthy mentions on the list.

Salient features:

  • Bright display: Yes
  • CPU: Celeron® N3450. 1.10 GHz
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500
  • Storage : 64 GB GB
  •  RAM: 4GB RAM
  • Lightweight: No, Slightly heavier
  • Durable build: Yes
  • Affordable: Yes
  • User friendly: Yes

Does a Processor play an important role in your daughter’s or Son’s laptop? If So, How?

Well, the answer is a straight yes.

Even though a 10 year old girl or boy will not require running high-end programs on her laptop but a processor is a very crucial part of any laptop. If you do not go and pick an extremely fluid fast processor, you cannot go for a slow one too.

That way, downloading apps is going to take you pronounced time and patience. It may slow down your child’s progress.

You should at least draw a balance between the two types of processors. Also, that way she would be able to use the same laptop even after her “child phase” is gone. An i5 or i7 Processor should be enough for this job.

What are 5 other important features for a laptop that suits my 10 year old daughter’s usage?

Apart from a good processor, you should also pay attention to a few other specs of a laptop such as a Graphic card, RAM, Storage, Display, and battery life.


The display size and quality both matter for your child. You should make sure that you invest in a good display because this is something that can affect the eyes of your daughter. First of all have a clear, bright, and sharp display.

Secondly, make sure that the display is invested with some Anti-Glare Technology and it does not flicker and produce a Florence effect on your child’s eyes. The Resolution should be an optimum one. Overall, the screen should be neither too bright nor dull.

Battery life:

In any case, you should invest in a good battery life of a Laptop. Thus to avoid any hindrance to your kid’s study time, make sure that you get something with impressive battery life.

Thus, don’t go for any gaming laptops or anything on the expensive end. Such laptops are generally power-intensive and at the same time use a lot of resources.


The RAM helps you when you are using a particular application on your PC. It helps to load all the apps from your storage to the RAM. Think of RAM as a Faster Storage which is only used temporarily. For 10-year-olds, you can choose a RAM in between 4GB to 16 GB. Just make sure it is at least LPDDR3 and not any other older-gen RAMs.


Here you can choose storage that is not harsh to your pocket and does a decent job. Fun Fact, their daughters tend to use up less storage on a computer when compared to a son. Thus, if you pick storage up to 64GB, it will be enough for a girl. However, for a boy, having storage up to 128 GB is a better future-proof investment.

Graphics Card:

Honestly, 99% of the tasks your child does on computers, won’t need any graphic card. Thus, you may choose to escape a dedicated graphics card if you wish. But I suggest having minimal graphic support for some surprising needs in the future. Having an integrated graphics card is more than enough. There is no unnecessary need for any sort of dedicated graphics card.

CPU / Processor:

A 6th Grade kid shouldn’t be using a CPU with more than Dual Core. Thus, there is no need to spend money on anything over the basic Pentium 4 model. The best thing about buying a PC for your child is that you can get them exactly what they want at an affordable price point.

However, if you feel like it’s necessary to have something faster or advanced, do so by investing in extra RAM and storage capacities instead of getting a powerful intel core 10th or 11th generation processor. At the best, you can opt for an Intel Core i3 processor if you want.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 10-year-old have a laptop?

Over the past few years, laptops have become more and more popular in schools. This is because they are easy to use for children of this age group.
However, you should make sure that the laptop has been designed with young users in mind. The design should be child-friendly so that your son or daughter can use the laptop easily.

Chromebook vs a Laptop – What to pick?

In the last few years, Chromebooks have gained a lot of popularity and it has become an essential part of the educational environment. Compared to laptops and desktops, they do not come with many features which make them more appealing for children since they don’t get a lot to be overwhelmed with.
Ultimately the decision of buying should depend on the needs of your child. You can go with brands for an Acer or a Lenovo Chromebook. They are pretty reliable and affordable. In most cases, I would suggest you stay away from Mac books because they are expensive and might not be a worthy investment for your money.


With the lift in technology, the ways of education have been promoted equally. It might be surprising to see young children so familiar and so fond of laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. In our time just a desktop would be an all-time engagement.

If the laptops are fitted with child-friendly content that is definitely going to promote better social and rational thinking in children. Kids do not require to have high-end and all classy equipment.

All of this becomes more important at present due to the pandemic that the world has gone through recently.

Most of the classes, especially for junior students, are taken online through the internet. If your child does not have a suitable laptop for taking online classes, it might become difficult for him or her to take up classes in a proper way.

We do not want a 10-year-old child to struggle with a complicated system and make accidental mistakes with the system. The system has to be convenient for him/her to handle.

That makes investment in such devices more of an affordable choice and makes more sense to the idea of having a separate laptop for your kids.

Over to You:

Which are the best laptops for 10 year old according to you?

What do you prefer for a 10 year old daughter or son: is it a laptop, a tablet, a computer, a Chromebook, or anything else?

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