Can You Mass Remove Followers On Instagram? [A Complete Guide]

Can You Mass Remove Followers On Instagram?

In the world of social media, especially on Instagram, the common aim for influencers and marketers is to increase their followers. 

However, there are times when having a large following may not be the best strategy. 

Surprisingly, there are situations where mass deleting Instagram followers can be more beneficial. 

This article will explore why individuals might choose to delete followers in bulk and provide straightforward methods to do so effectively. 

So, let’s dive into the complexity of managing your Instagram followers wisely.

Can You Mass Remove Followers On Instagram?

Can You Mass Remove Followers On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer a direct way to mass remove followers in one go. It’s like cleaning out your closet; you have to go through each item individually. 

This means if you want to remove several followers, you’ll have to do it manually, which can be time-consuming if you have a lot of followers.

However, there isn’t a simple way to mass remove followers on Instagram. You’ll need to go through your follower list and remove them one by one if you want to clean it up.

Why Do Some People Need To Remove Mass Followers?

Why Do Some People Need To Remove Mass Followers?

Removing Instagram followers on a large scale might sound odd, but there are good reasons behind it.

  • Reason 1: If Most of Your Followers Are Bots – Imagine finding out that a big chunk of your followers are actually fake accounts run by bots. Having bot followers hurts your reputation on Instagram and makes your engagement look fake. If you spot lots of these fake followers, it’s smart to clean them out.
  • Reason 2: If Most of Your Followers Are Ghosts – Ghost followers are people who follow you but never interact with your posts. They’re like empty shells – they don’t help your account grow. It’s better to ditch them and make room for followers who actually care about your content and engage with it.
  • Reason 3: If You Want Privacy – Sometimes, you might want to make your account private, sharing your posts only with a select group. Maybe you’re an influencer who wants a more exclusive audience. Or perhaps you’re switching from a business account to a personal one to connect with friends instead of strangers. In these cases, clearing out unwanted followers helps you achieve the privacy you desire.

In summary, removing mass followers can improve your Instagram experience by keeping your audience real and engaged or by giving you the privacy you’re looking for.

How to Remove Instagram Followers on Instagram?

Manually Removing Followers

To remove Instagram followers, follow these steps:

Manually Removing Followers
  1. Go to your profile by tapping your profile icon.
  2. Tap on “Followers” to see the list of people following you.
  3. Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find specific followers.
  4. Tap on the three dots next to the username of the follower you want to remove.
  5. A pop-up will appear asking, “Remove follower? Instagram won’t tell [the follower’s username] they were removed from your followers.
  6. Tap “Remove” to confirm.
  7. Repeat these steps for any other followers you want to remove.

Use Third-Party Apps

To remove Instagram followers in bulk, you’ll need to use a third-party app since Instagram itself doesn’t offer this feature. One trusted option is BotRemoval.


Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to BotRemoval: Visit their website to start the process.
  2. Enter Your Instagram Username: Provide your Instagram username so BotRemoval can access your account.
  3. Choose Your Service: Decide whether you want to scan and clean your account, get real-time protection, or receive a protection report.
  4. Add Your Email: Input your email to sign up for Bot Removal’s services.
  5. Get Rid of Unwanted Followers: Once you’ve set up BotRemoval, it will start removing unwanted followers from your Instagram account, making it easy for you to manage your audience.

BotRemoval is handy for cleaning up your account from spam, inactive users, and other unwanted followers. 

With its efficient features like mass deletion and white-listing, it’s a reliable tool for keeping your Instagram experience pleasant and clutter-free.

Switch To Private For A Spell

Here’s how you can remove Instagram followers without using any third-party apps:

  1. First, go to your profile and tap on “Settings.”
  2. Then, select “Privacy.”
  3. Look for “Private Account” in the options.
  4. Switch it on and confirm your choice.
  5. Now, go back to your list of followers.
  6. Simply remove the people you no longer want following you.

By switching to a private account, you have control over who can follow you, making it easier to manage your followers without using any extra tools.

Who Should You Consider when doing a Mass Removal of Followers on Instagram?

Who Should You Consider when doing a Mass Removal of Followers on Instagram?

When you’re thinking about cleaning up your Instagram followers, there are a few types of users you should definitely consider unfollowing:

  1. Inactive Profiles: These are accounts that haven’t been active for a long time, like two years. You could manually go through and unfollow them, but that takes forever. It’s much easier to use a tool like Socinator, which lets you unfollow a bunch of inactive users at once.
  2. Fake Profiles: These are trickier to spot because they can look real. But here are some signs that someone you’re following might be fake:
  • They follow a lot of people but don’t have many followers themselves.
  • Their followers are mostly new or inactive accounts.
  • They have a lot of followers but their posts are low quality or seem fake.

These fake profiles, also known as ghost followers, can be unfollowed in bulk using the same tool mentioned earlier. 

So, consider getting rid of both inactive and fake accounts to keep your Instagram feed clean and engaging!


In the bustling world of social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram, the task of mass follower removal is akin to meticulously tidying up a cluttered closet, where each item requires individual attention – a process that can be daunting if your following is substantial. 

The presence of bot followers can tarnish your online reputation, rendering your engagement metrics hollow and untrustworthy, while ghost followers, those silent spectators who never engage with your content, serve as dead weight, hindering genuine interaction and growth. 

Ultimately, while the task of mass follower removal may seem arduous, the benefits of a cleaner, more engaged audience or enhanced privacy outweigh the effort invested, prompting the need to roll up your sleeves, tidy up your followers, and craft an Instagram experience that truly reflects your vision.

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