How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Laptop Screen? [& Reasons]

How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Laptop Screen?

No doubt laptops have become one of our limbs in the technologically advanced world. Computers were special too, but laptops became famous mainly for their mobility. The mobility factor has given us a scope to take our laptops with us wherever we want to. However, reckless handling can also result in damaging the laptop’s display.

Even if all other parts of a laptop are working in order, you cannot work without a proper working condition of the screen of the laptop.

In case you have damaged the screen of your laptop, you must be wondering how much it is going to cost you.

Replacing the screen of your laptop can cost two differently for different reasons. If you want to know everything about the cost of your laptop screen repairing or replacement, your information is right here in the article!

How Much Do It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen?

Firstly you need to address the problem with the screen of your laptop. Have you recognized the problem yet? If yes, are you sure about the problem? Because sometimes we might perceive something other than reality.

Is it the screen or something else?

In general, you might not break the screen of your laptop by dropping it from a certain height. Yes, the jerk and the hit can damage some other parts of your laptop but not necessarily break the screen of your laptop.

It is fine to doubt the screen of your laptop is broken if you can see fine cracks on the screen, but if the screen is not waking up the problem lies somewhere else.

In that case, you need to replace the inner parts of your laptop rather than replacing the screen.

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Cost of replacing the screen

If you are completely sure that you have damaged the screen of your laptop, the cost of replacing varies as per brand and the model. It starts from around $50 to about 20 times more depending upon the quality of the product that you choose and the brand for which you go.

Don’t get disappointed with the answer. I know it’s not an exact answer to what you were asking, but I am not yet done with my answer… Let me complete it!

Signs of a damaged monitor

You can recognize a damaged monitor by looking at these steps:

Connect your laptop to an external monitor because we are going to check whether the problem lies with your display or not.

If you see a sleeping or a black screen there are chances of the graphics being damaged. Here you would need to replace the GPU.

Secondly, there are chances of the display connector being loose. And, thirdly there are chances that the screen of your laptop has been damaged.

How to replace the screen?

It’s not a bad idea to try replacing the screen of your laptop by yourself. But the charges would vary from the professional charges! And if you already have a warranty, never attempt to repair the screen of a laptop by yourself.

DIY cost

If you don’t have a warranty period left with you you can consider repairing your laptop yourself which is going to save you a lot of money.

For this, you need a repairing kit that is going to cost 20 to 25 dollars. The screen is going to cost you somewhere around 80 to 200 dollars.  Mac people, hold the smile because you are going to spend somewhere around $600!

How can I replace my laptop screen?

If you want to replace the screen by yourself, you are just 5 steps away from the process:

  1. Firstly you must disconnect your laptop by unplugging the adapters and removing the batteries. This is going to cut down the power source.
  2. Next you need to be careful while detaching stickers and screws. Place them carefully at a safe place so that you don’t lose them. You can use a magnetic tray to store the screwdrivers.
  3. Once you have unscrewed the screen, you must remove the display with great care. Don’t forget to remove the display connector.
  4. Attach a new screen or a display to the frame and connect the display connector once again.
  5. Screw up the display and the bezel stickers. You are done!

Switch on the power and check if everything is working in order. If the screen wakes up well and good, if not let’s get onto the professional repairing cost.

Professional repairing

The cost of professional repairing varies depending upon the intensity of the damage. If the display has been lightly damaged, the repair cost is going to be lower.

 But, if you have to replace the display all together it will charge you:

Cost of parts + laboring fee

The cost also depends on whether you choose an LCD screen or an LED screen. Again, whether you pick a touchscreen or not.

But before that, you must go through the steps to choose the best service center for your work.

Steps to choose a service center

Here you go with the steps to choose a service center:

1. Check the cost of online repair or replacement. Browse different websites and try to get a general idea about the cost. If you are going to hire a professional, the cost would be around 100 to 500 dollars.

2. Check the reviews: Never jump to a  conclusion before reading online reviews. Online reviews give you an idea about the service charge and the service qualities. You can compare different services and decide on the best suitable service for your laptop.

2. Always hire an experienced professional who knows how to perform his job. If not, you can always go for technician shops that have dedicated professionals to work for the brand of your laptop.

Now, the question arises, is it worth replacing your laptop or not:

Should I go to replace it?

I can give you a couple of options to choose your answer because there cannot be a fixed and correct answer to this question. It partially depends on the situation of your laptop and your budget.

If your laptop is under warranty you must go for a repair because that would cut down the cost of repair drastically.

However, if you have already crossed the warranty period it may or may not be a good idea to get your laptop repaired.

As I said it depends on your budget and the condition of your laptop. If your laptop is just 3 to 4 years old and all other parts of a laptop are working fine you may take it for a repair.

However, if your laptop is old and other parts of your laptop have started to show hiccups while functioning, why would you waste a lot of money! After all, the parts have already started showing issues and you would soon need to replace your laptop with a new one.

If the cost of repair is too much and you are in the mood to purchase a second laptop, then consider purchasing a second laptop.

The laptop and the choice both are yours!

Hope you found the article answering your question, thanks for reading!

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