10 TextSheet Alternatives that you should try right now

best textsheet alternatives

People are trying to find more textsheet Alternatives as the site got down. Textsheet was one of the best websites to provide online education to students. Such info could be used by students for their projects, homework, and other related assignments for college and school students.


Thus, Textsheet was referred to as a website for homework related problems that were submitted to the students. But after a DMCA takedown request, the Textsheet site has been shut down. So, since we are not playing games where we invest money into a machine blindly, the need for websites like Textsheet increases.

Today with this we will share the top alternatives that can be found in 2020.

Chegg: Best Paid Alternative to TextSheet

Chegg: Best Textsheet Alternatives (Paid)
Chegg: A smarter Way to Student

You would already know about Chegg since it is the reason why textsheet.com isn’t accessible anymore. They reported textsheet for copyright breach.

Chegg does provide a high number of assignment answers and you may even request specialists to answer your query if it is not already solved.

The problem that majority of the students face is that Chegg is not free neither really affordable.

You have to get a monthly membership. If you searching for answers to get just 1 assignment or a single topic. The sad part is that even if you wish to utilize it only for a day or 2 you’ve got to cover a complete month.

Chegg analysis membership starts from $14.95 a month. You might even use a trial version of an online tutoring service for 30 minutes at no cost.

Chegg Study account cost at $14.95/month and cover the following:

  • Step-by-step textbook solutions for at least 22,000 ISBNs.
  • Request questions from experts and mates anytime.
  • Search countless homework answers that are already solved.

Slader – Best Free Alternative to TextSheet

Slader - Best Free Alternative to TextSheet
Slader is the best free alternative

Slader is popular Amongst US Students. Here you may discover step-by-step answers to your own question and reply to across tens of thousands of textbooks for various topics with whole clarifications.

It’s always enhancing the quality of articles by day and expanding college-level services products to assist students in the ideal method.

Slader includes answers for students of all ages from middle school to graduation. It is almost effortless to obtain the correct answers on Slader.

All you need to do would be to scan the barcode of your own textbooks. Alternatively, you can also type the name of the book. Once you perform the procedure, you will discover all the pertinent answers to the issues you desire.

The Slader is free to use, however you’ll discover some advertisements on it. Additionally, you can purchase a subscription at just $1.99 to eliminate the advertisements.

All kinds of text books can be found here the famous one are:


  • Integrated Math
  • Trigonometry
  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Precalculus
  • Middle School Math
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Algebra 2
  • Calculus
  • College Algebra


  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics


  • World History
  • US History
  • Economics
  • Spanish
  • European History


Studylib is just another textbook alternative that you will love. It offers a huge database of solved homework and assignments options but you may believe it’s less coordinated in comparison to Slader.

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent source to find answers to your assignments. You could also share your notes if you would like to assist your fellow pupils.

Using studylib.net, you may download and save relevant documents at no cost, as well because it is simple to discuss with your notes with your friends who are in need.

The Website covers the Huge number of topics, Including Maths, Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Humanities, History and amongst others.

Studylib comes with an interactive site where you’ll find the trending files very easily on the home page making the user experience more friendly and fun.

In case you have something that may be useful for other students, you’re totally free to upload it. The website is completely free, But you may feel that this website more complicated if you compare it to Slader.

Course Hero

Is Course Hero a good textsheet alternative?
Course Hero

Course Hero can also be a very good site like Textsheet and, the ideal platform for downloading and studying research material. It ensures it has over 25 Million of all course-specific research materials.

The website is well organized to detect a program, notes, and replies immediately. Here, the pupils can quickly find study tools by simply typing their faculty title, Subject, or from Publications or, you may use filters to filter out the files by Course, Question and Explanations, Study Documents.

The Course Hero also provides you the opportunity to make money by uploading and referring it to your buddies. The site provides 24/7 Tutoring help. It may be handy for students in various time zones.

You’ll find training issues, research guides, videos, course notes, and incremental explanations for each and every topic you are studying — from economics to literature, literature to history, bookkeeping to psychology, and everything in between.

The website also provides you the opportunity to download files. The only requirement however is that you are signed in before downloading any file.

Paper Help

paperhelp homepage
Homepage of Paperhelp

“By using PaperHelp, you save something very valuable — TIME Spend it for what you need by getting quality papers over the semesters”- PaperHelp.

PaperHelp is an outstanding textsheet alternative you can find right now in the market. It’s helping learners all around the world to finish the new and difficult assignments since 2008.

Paperhelp has made a great deal of student’s lives more comfy who are constantly in a demand of analyzing and writing research papers, especially the college students.

This website can allow you to write your research paper regardless of you’re in High school, College, or analyzing PhD. Good thing about Paperhelp is that they value their user’s privacy. So no data is revealed to any other member.

Here, all of the arranged Research Papers additionally get sent at your doorsteps very fast. The cost for professional writing solutions of Paperhelp starts from only $10 and all of the way around $24 per page.

If you purchase in bulk, you can save one-time 5% off and 10% off for orders in $500 and $1000 respectively.


Sparknotes was found in 1999 and is a good alternative to Text Sheet
Sparknotes was found in 1999 and is a good alternative to Text Sheet

The most comprehensive, accurate, and helpful guides to contemporary and classic lit online. SparkNotes is a site where students can go through tones of notes for many different classes and guides of a number of school subjects. The site was launched in 1999 and obtained in 2001 by Barnes & Noble.

The SparkNotes includes an internet platform to get books, in addition to a Test Prep service, assisting American students prepare for standardized tests like the SAT. That’s why it is among the very best textsheet alternatives.

SparkNotes program is offered at Google’s Play Store and Apple AppStore too so you can run this program on both your favorite the Android and iOS devices.

There’s a lengthy list of topics this program holds such as:

Math and Science

  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Health
  • Physics

Social Science

  • Biography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • US Government
  • US Politics
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology

Literature Works

  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Film
  • Short Stories


StudyBlue logo

StudyBlue is of othe prime source students use for completing their programmes. Study smarter with StudyBlue, the biggest crowdsourced research program. They have a huge resource list of over 400million+ flash cards.

These are a list of their best features:

  • Develop, study and discuss your digital flashcards free of charge
  • Customize your research stuff with graphics and sound
  • Quiz yourself, monitor your progress, and set up your own study reminders.
  • Study contents seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices
  • Duplicate and edit flashcards you want to make them your own
  • Watch flashcard recommendations tailored to your research

Get quick responses with homework help and easily turn them in to flashcard decks.

You can also get a paid plan:

By upgrading to you can also get complete access to all research materials made for your courses, by students, on a regularly. They claim that they deliver the info by either magical unicorns to your PC or Wi-Fi. Crowdsourced learning means that you may spend time earning materials and much more time researching them.


Skooli interface
Skooli interface

Personal or private tutoring is a great option if you have hard time learning stuff. Hopefully, Skooli is an awesome platform that offers online tutoring services to its students. The web site has teachers for various academic disciplines like Mathematics, Humanities, Business, Language, and Science. But, even when you’re still in college, the site gets you covered. The Grade Level tutoring alternative is everything that you want. Students may also hire teachers to get aid in their own homework. The site charges a commission for every class you take. Pay for time you use, and study anywhere, anytime.

School Solver

School Solver is a growing website and is a site similar to Textsheet
School Solver is a growing website and is a site similar to Textsheet

School Solver, is among the hottest websites for homework like Textsheet. You can get your queries solved, provide answers, essays solutions, and get complete answers for all sort of queries. Students may post and request their queries or even complete courses to be performed by tutors.

School Solver additionally provides a simple method for tutors to Earn Money and Highlights how tutors can make more money because of their backend technologies that indicates answers to individuals who ask questions that are similar. Tutors can earn as haigh as 500$ by answering a single question too.

It’s great because there are a lot of tutors here with Course Hero and Chegg accounts that are literally sitting there waiting to supply you a chegg or Course Heroes response for very low prices.


Logo of bookfinder

If you are a bookworm who likes reading books, definitely try out a Book finder. It will help you to search for books and their prices using its extensive database. Bookfinder has tons of books in their inventories listed by a lot of different sellers. The website helps you get the books at the cheapest prices by comparing the prices of the sellers and then presenting the one with which get the lowest price possible. Definitely try it out if you are wanting some sites like text sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happened to Textsheet?

The owner of Chegg requested the DMCA takedown request to delete Sultron’s github account and to remove some of his repositories.
Following this an employee of Chegg applied for the DMCA takedown of the git repo and it was sucessful.
Textsheet site allowed its students as well as users to get answers to homework problems by using the Chegg API. Just by adding links from Chegg and it was taken down for copyright infringement.

Is there an alternative to Textsheet?

Yes, we have listed all the best alternatives in our list. You can use any of them.

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet.com was an online site that was very popular amongst students for finding answers to their questions. The site got very popular between students and teachers in a very short span of time. The website provides all the solutions to students for free. But, it was taken down because of a DMCA notice from Chegg employee.

Conclusion: which Textsheet Alternative should you go for?

We hope we could deliver all the details for the reason of the ban of TextSheet and also give you the best alternatives for Textsheet. Thus, if you are looking for a site, pick out any of the above sites, they all are really good and have been tested by us before giving details for you. If you are looking for free alteratives, the best would be Sladder followed by Studylib. If you looking for paid options, definitely go for Chegg.

We have also provided some sites where you can pay as and when you need help too. So, this way you can save a lot of money too. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any more doubts in your mind, please comment them below, I will help you out with them.

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