Get SolidWorks for Free (& 3 Free Alternatives to Download)

How to get solidworks for free

Want to get Solidworks for Free? – Here is how to get it.

Solidworks is one of the best CAD software available in the market. It is used to develop full mechatronics systems. You can use it in any stage of working including planning, ideation, feasibility testing, making prototypes, and project management too.

You can use it for designing and building various electric, mechanical, and software elements.

Before downloading solidworks for free, you need one of the best solidworks supported laptops. Check them out if you don’t already have one. That said, let’s get to the methods right away.

SolidWorks for Free

Method 1: for Students

It is always good to try out the software before actually making a purchase. The Company Dassault Systèmes which owns Solidworks, thus, provides a free trial to use Solidworks.

Thus, to get a free trial of Solidworks for yourself, go to the company’s site from here.

Once you submit the form; you will have to wait for some time.

The sales support representative will contact you on the email address that you had provided.

Method 2: for Entrepreneurs & Startups

If you are a startup or a budding entrepreneur, you can get access to solutions for Entrepreneurs & Startups. Under this plan, Solidworks is free for the first year, followed by a 70% discount in the second year and a 50% off all cloud solutions from the third year and onwards…

To know more, visit here.


You can find 3 different educational packages that are showcased on the website of SolidWorks. These are meant for universities and students. If your university has signed up for their program, you will be eligible for the student edition provided you fulfill all the requirements. The cost is fairly cheap and comes at $99 for a 12-month plan. The software can be available as a regular download or as a DVD.

To know more about it, you can visit here.

Thus, getting a trial is pretty much the only way to get Solidworks for free. However, that should not limit you. If you cannot afford Solidworks for some time (especially when you are starting out), you can sign up for a free trial. After the trial is over, you can check out these Solidworks alternatives that are ABSOLUTELY FREE.

It’s understandable that not everyone can afford the $4000 priced software. To get away with that, we have found out a list of FREE CAD software applications that come with more or less all the comparable features just like SOLIDWORKS.

The most popular ones are OnShape, FreeCAD, SolveSpace and LibreCAD.

Now let us have a look at the solidworks alternatives that are FREE.



OnShape Logo

OnShape is a Freemium software which is developed by the former team and staff of SolidWorks. This engineering-grade CAD suite integrates complete engineering workflow in a single program.

It has a lot of demanded features including the ones that allow full parametric modeling. You also have the ability to assemble complex multi-part designs.

Solidworks free download alternative: Onshape
Workspace of OnShape

The software is also known for its impressive collaborative strengths. Moreover, you get this CAD software as a cloud service which can allow you to take up to ten projects in a single go for absolutely no cost.

To learn more about the software, you can visit here.


FreeCAD logo
FreeCAD logo

If you are looking for 3D CAD software that is reliable, free, open-source, you must definitely checkout FreeCAD. With a ton of features, it can easily stand out as a competitor close to Solidworks. Special thanks to the full parametric modeling.

Solidworks free alternative: FreeCAD

While it’s not as fancy as a commercial alternative like Solidworks, but it can easily get the job done without any issues. With modular architecture, FreeCAD is undoubtedly one of the most valuable Free resources for engineering and architect workflows.


Well, there are many reasons. For example, You can do complex and sophisticated simulations like the self-weight analysis. There’s more to it but you can only know after trying it out.

To download the software, go here to their website.


SolveSpace Logo

Looking for a 2D/3D CAD freemium?

Well, look at this one. What makes it one of the best free alternatives to Solidworks is the parametric modeling feature that allows you to modify your designs very easily, just like Solidworks.

It is almost like Solidworks for free. It brings in a lot of impressive features to its belt such as simulation of possible blockages, inconsistencies in the design process (during the early stages).

SolveSpace in action

Having such features not only saves a lot of time but also helps in reducing unwanted work frustration.

You can Download it for free from here.

SolidWorks for Free in academic institutions

Solidworks for Academic Instiutions
Solidworks for Academic Instiutions

Well, the manufacturers of the software always have student discounts and so is the case with Solidworks. Even though it seems great for students to get discounts, it’s actually a good business deal for Solidworks.


Well, because, if you like their software during the graduation period (during which you are getting used to it), you will much likely use it after completing your studies.

Infact, for students too, the prices are not completely free. They are discounted to a great level. For students, it comes at a recommended sale price of $150 in comparison to the much hyped $3995 licensed standard edition. Which is a good deal for students, yet a better business strategy from Dassault Systèmes.

However, there are ways around this problem. The primary solution is the Student Access License, which is available to schools and institutions that already have SolidWorks network seats reserved.

  1. If your established school or institution already has 45 or more places in the network, it is eligible for the Student Design Kit program. This gives students access to SolidWorks Standard which you can install on your PC.
  2. For institutions with more than 100 networked seats, Solidworks allow them to be eligible for the Student Engineering Kit. Thus, it allows students to install SolidWorks Premium locally.

How to check if your academic institution qualifies for discounted Solidworks?

Contact your school’s CAD administrator to verify if your school is eligible. Licenses expire one year after activation or on November 30 of the following academic year. If you cannot get SolidWorks for free through this method, it is also worth asking your school if it is possible to borrow an existing license.


The above were the working methods on how to get solidworks for free. For any doubts and questions, just leave a comment below.

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