How to Run Apple Mainstage for PC

Mainstage for pc

Apple MainStage is something you must have heard of if you are a live performer. It is the industry-leading app for live performers. MainStage for PC also allows a lot of stuff such as design and organizes sound patches, map hardware to control VSTs, apply effects to audio in real-time and much more, which is loved by musicians all over the globe.

Not only this Mainstage comes with a large assortment of various sound libraries and stock plugins. All this is just available for a price of $29.

MainStage, however, is only available for Apple’s own macOS. So, let’s see how to run Apple MainStage on a PC. Not only this we will also have a look at the other possible alternatives to MainStage. Without any delays let’s Start.

How to Run MainStage on a PC

Let me be straight forward and not fixate you in a round of lies. The answer is a simple No. You cannot run MainStage on a PC. The main reason behind it is that MainStage is a macOS exclusive app and thus it doesn’t work with non-Apple hardware.

What if you still want to run MainStage?

Mainstage for pc
Hackintosh can be installed to use MainStage on PC

Technically, it is against Apple’s EULA and so I would advise you to not go against it. However, if you are curious, let me tell you that it is technically possible to run MainStage on any PC that is running non-Apple Hardware. This is possible with the help of Hackintosh.

For more details, you may want to visit:

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But Why is it not Recommended?

The first and the primary reason is that it is against Apple’s EULA and by doing so you would break it.

Secondly, these Hackintosh systems are unstable since a lot of drivers are not supported or due to a lack of proper driver support. Other reasons can be incompatible hardware too.

Who would like to go through all of this hefty process and break Apple’s EULA and suffer potential penalties, right?

Let me share some of the MainStage alternatives with you.

Alternatives to MainStage for PC

MainStage’s Enormous suite of features, Detailed stock Plugins and sample library, low price point, and classic Apple only place it into a league of its own. In other words, there’s absolutely no true MainStage competition from the PC world. That said, there are a couple of PC-compatible apps that do an adequate job of copying a tiny subset of all MainStage’s features.

Gig Performer

Gig Performer user interface: PC Alternatives to MainStage
Gig Performer 3 user interface.

In comparison to MainStage and Cantabile Performer, Gig Performer Is comparatively new to the scene. The program began improving in 2015 and now supports both Windows and macOS. A couple of Gig Performer’s key features include setlist support, predictive loading to get easy patch changes, optimize CPU usage, a bi-directional MIDI controller, and also a proprietary scripting language.

Gig Performer is priced at $149, and a macOS and Windows Package is available for $199. I Believe that the no-frills pricing arrangement of Gig Performer makes it a more attractive offering. Practically speaking, it has all The vital features for live performers, also comes in at $50 less costly than Cantabile Performer Professional.

Cantabile Performer

Now Brainspawn has closed store, has become the most popular live operation app for PC users. Together with Cantabile Performer, you are able to play VST plugins, change between tunes, set up custom keyboard splits, trigger audio and MIDI clips, record your own performances, and much more.

Cantabile Performer user interface.

In comparison to MainStage’s low cost of $29, Cantabile Performer is $69 (Solo) or $199 (Pro) depending on which model you purchase. The more expensive Pro version is”for serious live performance including rapid song switching and total rig controller”. In my view, “quick tune switching” is an essential characteristic for live performance. I am not certain why Cantabile booked it for “pros” only. Thinking about it, I really don’t know the demand for two tiers in any way. I would advise you to Just have one whole version priced at $129 and call it a day.


I hope you like this small tutorial on MainStage for PC. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment them down below.

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