How To Keep A Gaming Laptop Cool (2023 Updated)

how to keep a gaming laptop cool

If you’re a core gamer, you must know how important it is to maintain a laptop’s temperature while doing an intensive gaming session. A gaming laptop has to perform exhaustive tasks, and thus, it may get overheated or shut down very soon. If you’re new to this gaming world and laptops, you should definitely learn how to keep a gaming laptop cool while gaming continuously.

Gaming laptops have demanding work, leading to extreme heat production in the hardware. The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has to work more efficiently to provide excellent performance and quality videos and images during the games. These GPUs have specific processing parts that control the voltage and thermal requirements of the laptop. If the heat goes beyond the specified range, it could affect the laptop’s overall performance.

The best gaming laptops are those whose components can work efficiently even during intensive work without affecting the performance of the laptop. Gaming laptops are made specifically to provide an intensive gaming experience to their users. Nowadays, even the GPUs have started coming with advanced thermal regulation technologies.

Nowadays, there are gaming laptops available that assure zero percent overheating. Still, you should know different DIY ways on how to keep a gaming laptop cool to protect it from overheating.

So, let’s begin!

Signs That Your Laptop Is Overheating While Gaming

Is your laptop overheating when gaming? The more busy and engaged your laptop is, the more chances of overheating. Look at the following signs to know if your gaming laptop is actually overheating or not:

  1. If you feel that the laptop has become warmer or you could hear the sound of spinning fans of your laptop, even if you’re just using the web or Chrome, the chances are high that the laptop is overheating. 
  1. The second sign of an overheated laptop is the reduction in its performance and task-doing capabilities. If your laptop starts to hang too much and has regular FPS done. It happens because the CPU or the GPU shuts down when the laptop gets overheated. 
  1. One other sign to look for is the faster power consumption. If your gaming laptop has started consuming more power than before, your laptop must have an overheating issue. It happens because of the hardware components that get hot start drawing more power. 

How To Keep A Gaming Laptop Cool (Easy Hacks)

There are many ways if you want to learn how to keep your laptop cool while gaming. Some of them are a 5-minute easy hack, while others may get a bit technical. It’s upon you which method you want to try. But in the end, you should be able to know how to keep a gaming laptop cool, especially if you’re a gamer. Trust me; it’s one of the most important skills a gamer requires these days. 

Keep on reading to know about different laptop cooling solutions:

Method 1: Use A Hard And Flat Surface For Gaming

Do you have a habit of using laptop by keeping it on your bed? Don’t do it. Soft surfaces such as your bed, your pillows, or even your legs can block the air ventilation area and thus, significantly reducing the laptop cooling. Always prefer a hard and flat surface while using laptops, especially if you’re doing some intensive work. 

While using solid flat surfaces, the rubber tip lifts the base of the laptop from the surface, thus allowing enough area to draw in air and reduce the heating. While, a bed or a pillow can block the areas made especially for the ventilation. So, if your laptop starts overheating unnaturally, keep it over a flat surface.

Method 2: Invest In A Cooling Pad For Your Gaming Laptop

Investing in a good-quality cooling pad is the best way to cool a laptop. It is inexpensive and the easiest method ever. Gaming laptops are meant for intensive work performance, and these cooling pads help with external fans to cool down your laptop. 

How to use a cooling pad? It’s simple. Just place your laptop over the cooling pad and connect it to your phone via a USB cable. That’s it.

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Note: Make sure to check how your laptop deals with the air-in and air-out system. Although a majority of the laptops draw in cool air from the below and release the warm air from the sides, there are laptops that release the warm air from the base too. If you’re using a cooling pad and your laptop releases warm air from the below, don’t use it. If you start using it, the heat will start building up and obstruct each other. 

Method 3: Keep An Eye On The Fans Of Your Laptop

how to keep laptop cool while gaming

If you’re facing an overheating problem, the first thing you should do is check your gaming laptop’s internal fans. In a gaming laptop, the manufacturers provide several fans that heps in effective and easy cooling of the laptop and enables you a smooth working experience. 

If any of these laptop fans stopped working or die, the entire cooling and airflow system suffers. If the fans stop working, your laptop will naturally get overheated and will stop performing efficiently. Tools such as HWiNFO or HWMonitor enable you to check of your gaming laptop’s fans quickly are still working properly or not. Using the above-mentioned tools, you can even check the current fan speeds (RPM). 

There are other two signs you should check out to find out if your fans are defective or not:

  • Rattling: A defective fan will start making various rattling, grinding, or other weird noises long before it actually dies. So, if you could hear some grinding noises from the fans, even if you’re not doing any such extensive work, know that your fans are already damaged. 
  • Total Silence: Usually no fan is idle when you perform some heavy workload or when the laptop starts overheating. If you notice that the fan is not making any noise, even if the laptop is overheating, it’s most likely to be defective and you should get it replaced as soon as possible. 

Method 4: Make Sure To Clean the Laptop Fan And Case Regularly

Even if all your laptop fans are working properly, make sure to clean them regularly. Sometimes, a thich layer of dust and debris can form over time and cover the entire ventilation passage. This will affect the cooling process of your laptop since all the ventilation channels will get covered. 

Some laptops may have a pull out tray for the ventilation passages that can be taken out and cleaned regularly. But this in very rare. Nowadays, majority of the laptops have no other option but to unscrew the ventilation channels to clean them. 

Unscrewing the whole backside of your laptop to clean it may become a little challenging for many people, and thus they try to avoid it. If you see a layer of dust inside and you know the procedure, then only attempt to clean it. You can use cotton swabs, a paper towel, or even a low-pressured vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the inside of the ventilation passage. 

Method 5: Renew The Thermal Paste

Wondering how to cool down laptop while gaming? Renew your thermal paste. The thermal paste helps in effective cooling and reducing the temperatures to a significant extent. 

If your laptop or your CPU has become quite old, the thermal paste in it might have dried and lost it effectiveness in reducing the temperature over time. The best way to regain the effectiveness is by unscrewing the CPU and replacing the old thermal paste by a new and effective one. 

GPU also contains thermal paste and you can even replace the thermal paste here. However, this process is a little technical and you may need the assistance of a technician to do it properly. 

Method 6: Upgrade Your Hardware

Learn how to cool laptops by installing a new hardware on your gaming system. The more busier your laptop gets, the more higher the temperature rises. If you install a new hardware or a new SSD on your laptop, it may give the laptop additional requirements to cope with the increased temperature, and the overheating can gradually reduce. 

Method 7: Stop Using Too Many Programs At Once

If you already have a laptop that has an overheating issue, then stop running unwanted programs. If the tabs of the unnecessary programs are opened in the background, simply close them all. 

If you’re using high-end programs such as games or editing software, close all the applications that you no longer need. Opening unnecessary and unwanted tabs in the background would first increase the power consumption and then, cause overheating. 

Hence, make sure to keep all the tabs closed if you aren’t using them. 


 best way to cool laptop

Q.1 Is it normal for a laptop to get hot while gaming?

Yes. It is completely normal for a laptop to get hot while gaming. When you perform intensive work or use high-end programs such as games or editing software, your laptop will start consuming more power and will eventually become more heated. 

For playing games, it is better to use a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are specifically designed to play high-end quality games. The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has to work more efficiently to provide excellent performance and quality videos and images during the games. However, gaming laptops also have demanding work, which can sometimes lead to heat production in the hardware.

Q.2 How can I cool down my laptop fast?

There is no instant method of cooling your laptop. The simplest method to avoid your laptop getting overheated is to use it over a hard and flat surface area. You can also use cooling pads to prevent the same. 

Q.3 Is cooling pad good for laptop?

Cooling pads are specifically designed to prevent the overheating of your laptop. The cooling pads help reduce the laptop temperature, but they also avoid the possibility of getting skin burns. 

However, a cooling pad may prove a bane to your laptop components. Before using a cooling pad, make sure to check how your laptop deals with the air-in and air-out system. 

The majority of the laptops draw in cool air from below and release the warm air from the sides; some laptops release the warm air from the base too. If you’re using a cooling pad and your laptop releases warm air from the below, don’t use it. If you start using it, the heat will start building up and obstruct each other. 


I hope I’ve provided you with enough insights and ideas on how to keep a gaming laptop cool. It is never an excellent option to unscrew your laptop to clean the ventilation passages. Even if your laptop is on a warranty period, take your laptop to the authorized servicing center and ask the technician to clean the ventilation challenges of your laptop. 

Try the above-recommended methods and tell us which of them was a success for you. 

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