Fix: Laptop Fan Won’t Turn Off

laptop fan won't turn off

A laptop fan is essentially one of the most important parts of a laptop. It helps in aerating and cooling down the laptop system. If the fan becomes defective, it might damage the laptop system too. 

In case your laptop fan is running all the time, note that there is some big issue associated with it. Usually, if your laptop fan is running all the time, it indicates that there is a severe temperature-related issue ongoing on your laptop. 

Overheating can kill your laptop very easily. If your laptop fan won’t turn off and keeps running all the time, you should investigate the problem thoroughly. In this article, we would discuss some of the major causes and solutions to fix the issue of laptop fan constantly running. So, let’s begin!

Is It Ok If The Laptop Turns The Fan Consequently On?

There isn’t any option to switch on/off the laptop fan as per wish. The laptop fan would turn on and off whenever it would require to do so. Generally, a laptop fan turns on when the laptop starts heating up. 

If the laptop fan won’t fan turn off and keeps on running all the time, you should get it checked as soon as possible. 

Laptop Fan Won’t Turn Off- Causes

A laptop fan forms an essential component of the system cooling framework of the laptop. Whenever the laptop will start heating up, the fan will switch on. Now, if you aren’t doing any intensive work on your laptop, or say, you’re just scrolling through the google feed, and the fan is still rotating, there might be some possible internal damage. 

Now, if you’re wondering, “why does my laptop fan keep running?” the following are some possible causes. Most of the time, the laptop fans start running continuously is because of the high CPU usage. If different applications or Windows have used the CPU, it will gradually get warm. To control the overheating of the CPU, the laptop fan may start running continuously. 

Now, it is totally normal for the fan to start running when the CPU’s warm temperature is rising. Because of the high CPU usage, it’s temperature may become warm more frequently. This will result the laptop fan to run more often, even if you’re doing minimal work on your laptop. 

Luckily, there are measures that you can take to stop the problem of laptop fan running constantly. Read till the end to go through various methods to do the same. 

How To Turn Off Fan On Laptop From Constantly Running?

laptop fan won't stop running

When your laptop keeps running all the time, your laptop just might be overheating. First check if the laptop is being overheated or not. Try by changing the force settings, dubious cycles, cleaning the fan vents, and looking for a BIOS update. It might help you lessen the laptop temperature. 

Now, if this doesn’t help, your laptop fan has a problem and needs a serious inspection. Here is how to turn laptop fan off from continuously running:

Method 1: Clean Your PC

Dust can be a major problem for your laptop. It can not only cause your laptop to overheat, but can also cause a short circuit as well as screen damage to the laptop. 

Hence, it becomes extremely important to clean your laptop internally as well as externally to make sure that there isn’t any dust build-up that can harm your laptop. 

Method 2: Use An External Software

There are numerous free-to-use softwares available online that can help you control your fan. If you aren’t doing any work on the laptop and the fan is still running, you can deliberately control the speed of the fans. 

One such software is SpeedFan. We recommend using this application as it is one of the most extended and most-used apps of all the time. It is extremely safe, and you know what the best part is? It is totally free of cost. 

It’s a software that you can download for free of cost. It can easily detect the temperature of your system and different components. Based on the temperature, it enables you to regulate the speed of your laptop fan. Doing this also helps you to reduce the fan noise to a great extent. 

Method 3: Check For Windows Updates

Your laptop fans can go extremely crazy if it’s an updated season for your Windows OS. During Windows update, a laptop does extreme multitasking. Apart from the activities you might be doing on your laptop, it will also search and download the updates, extract files, and install them to run on your system. 

To prevent your laptop doing so many works at a similar time, you have two choices: Either pause your updates for a while and do it when you have no other work, or manually update the Windows OS. 

Method 4: Help Your Laptop To Cool Down

As you already know, most laptops have vents and fans on the bottom side of the laptop that helps them cool down. If you place your laptop over a bed or a pillow, it will cover all the areas and won’t let the laptop cool down easily.

To help your laptop cool down, always use your laptop by placing it over a hard and flat surface. Additionally, you can also place something below the bottom end part of your laptop. It will help to lift the laptop from the desk, pillow, or whatever surface you’re using the laptop on. 

You can use cooling pads which are available in the market. These pads are designed specifically for this purpose. 

Method 5: Clean Your PC’s Air Vents

laptop fan won't turn off

Wondering, “why is my laptop fan running continuously?” It might be happening because of the laptop overheating. Now why your laptop is getting overheated? One possible cause of laptop overheating that we are going to discuss, is the blocked air vents.

If you do not regularly clean your laptop, the chances are high that the air vents are blocked. If these vents get blocked, an extreme amount of heat will be trapped inside as they won’t have any passage to flow out. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this damage in no time. Just switch off your laptop and make sure it’s not plugged. Next, use a portable vacuum cleaner, with lower power, to clean your air vents. Make sure to do this at least once a month to avoid overheating your laptop. 

Method 6: Change The System Settings

You can change the fan speed and clamor by changing the system settings. We would discuss the case of Windows 10 on how to change it:

On a Windows 10 supporting laptop, go to Start and search for settings. Now go to Settings > System > Power and Sleep > Additional Force Settings. 

Now go to the Spring Plan Window and click on the Change plan settings

Next, click on the Change advanced power settings appearing on the same Window. 

Next, click on the Processor power management and choose System Coding Policy from the drop-down menu. Now, change the settings from Active to Passive and click on OK

It’s done. Instead of running constantly, your laptop fan will start running varyingly, i.e., according to the temperature requirements. 


We have covered almost all the possible measures to solve the issue if your laptop fan doesn’t turn off. We have also mentioned all the possible causes to get an idea as to where the main problem lies. 

Even though some of these methods won’t be easy to do and can take a bit of your time, you must go through all the procedures and check which one works for you. 

A fan that is running continuously indicates a seriously overheated laptop that should be inspected on a serious note.

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