Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Precisely speaking,

Laptop cooling pads do work for their purpose. Laptop cooling pads are capable of lowering the temperature of a heated laptop by a noticeable amount.

Otherwise, who would invest in these cooling pads!

But whether it works or not also depends on the quality of the cooling pad that you’re purchasing, its compatibility with your device, and the extent of heat that your device is emitting! But the bottom line remains, yes, laptop cooling pads do work!

How Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

How Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

A cooling pad is like a portable fan or an AC that keeps your laptop cool when you are working on it. When the weather is hot, it can be really challenging to keep your laptop cool while you are working on it. But with a cooling pad, this becomes much easier.

The cooling pads are like a dock where you place your laptop. These have fans in them that blow cool air over to the fans inside your laptop to cool their heat.

That’s basically how these cooling pads work.

They are usually made of rubber or plastic.

If you have one, you will notice that your laptop’s performance improves when you use a cooling pad.

You can also get models with extra ports and USB-C connectivity which makes it easier to connect to other devices like your phone and other laptops simultaneously.

These laptop cooling pads are basically a raised platform designed to hold your laptop above its surface. You can rest your laptop on these cooling pads, the same way as you rest your laptops on a table.

The basic job of this cooling pad is to cool down the temperature of your system when it is working with high-speed data and intense software. It reduces the operating temperature of your device by cooling your laptop.

The direct or active way to cool a laptop is to activate the inbuilt fans to move the surrounding hot air away from the laptop. The passive way to cool a laptop is to use a thermal conductor or passive ways to remove the hot air and protect the laptop from getting overheated.

Good quality cooling pads can reduce the heat by 30 degrees. But not all cooling pads provide such effective service!

On average cooling pads can reduce the temperature by 14 to 15 degrees.

Are Cooling Pads Good For Laptops?

Of course, laptop cooling pads have a good cause! Not just they provide physical comfort to the user, it effectively counters the overheating problems of the laptop! The cooling service has some additional benefits of its own.

It is very important to keep your laptop cool. It is almost impossible to do so without the help of a laptop cooling pad. But these things are not always so simple as you may think! Here are some tips on how to use your laptop cooling pad properly.

To ensure that your cooling pad is a good one, make sure that you invest in a good quality cooling pad for your laptop. It might cost you a few bucks extra, but then it is worth it!

Also, select a cooling pad that is compatible with your model of laptop. Not all cooling pads work best with all models of laptops; so you basically have to be careful while choosing a compatible cooling pad.

Are Laptop Cooling Pads Effective?

It is natural for one to be inquisitive about knowing the actual effectiveness of a product before actually going and purchasing the product.

To know whether or not cooling pads are effective you must look at these advantages of using cooling pads:

(i) Prevents overheating

This is a very obvious and basic benefit of using a cooling pad. Cooling pads reduce overheating of your device. Overheating can be extremely dangerous for laptops as it not just hampers the internal parts of your device but it also risks the durability of laptops.

(ii) Comfortable feeling

If you work with your laptop positioned in your lap instead of using a desk, this could be the best option for you to save yourself from the discomfort and heat of your device. Even if you work with your laptop positioned on a table, using a cooling pad ensures that your table does not undergo the same heat tolerating process and wears out with time.

Also, when you know that your system is not getting overheated and the surroundings are safe and secure, you feel more comfortable and the output is also good!

(iii) Elevated position

The elevated position or the raise in the structure of the cooling pads are very effective to reduce the strain on your back and neck. It also matches the level and positioning of your hands thereby reducing strain on your arms.

You feel physically comforted in your workspace and this again ensures that your productivity is not hindered.

(iv) Easy Installation

If there is one thing that is the easiest to install, it is cooling pads. All you need to do is just slide in these pads beneath your laptop and turn them on whenever you require the cooling service. There is no extra tallying affair involved in the installation of cooling pads. Regarding the usage, it is even more simple.

(v) Connectivity supports

Some cooling pads also come with extra USB ports which come in really handy when you want to connect your device to multiple external sources.

So now you know how effective are cooling pads!

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work For Gaming?

Game lovers must be curious to know whether these cooling pads are as effective for giving or not. Without taking much of your time, let me assure you that yes, these cooling pads are especially effective when it comes to gaming purposes.

Some cooling pads are known to reduce temperatures on gaming laptops by as much as 30 degrees.

In fact, a gamer can best tell you the worth of a cooling pad! Running heavy games and doing intense gaming on your laptop becomes an Uphill struggle for the components of the system.

This results in overheating of your device. The overheating is uncontrollable if you install such games on a non-gaming laptop.

Basically, if you are an intense gamer or a gaming freak, you must purchase a laptop suitable for such games! Do not expect usual laptops to run those games smoothly, this would only prove detrimental for the processor.

Cooling pads help in reducing the excessive temperature of your laptop thereby enhancing the functionality of other features which benefit your game. So indirectly speaking, cooling pads are effective for gamers to improve their gaming performance too.

The improvement and the performance might not be measurable in units or not be noticeable until and unless you judge it on a whole collective basis, but cooling pads do slightly enhance the frame rates for gaming.

However, that does not mean that slipping in a cooling pad under your laptop can simply make you a pro gamer. Absolutely not going to happen!

What you get is a comfortable playing experience, where you know that the life of your laptop is secure. This gives you mental comfort and satisfaction and thereby enhances your performance.

So, Do Laptop Cooling Pads Really Work?

Most of the laptops today are equipped with high-performance processors and a huge amount of RAM. The average laptop now has 4GB RAM, which is roughly double the amount that was available in laptops three years ago.

Also, Most laptops overheat when the processor is busy.

The result?

The computer does not work as efficiently, leading to a slowdown in performance.

This in turn can potentially lead to laptops overheating faster than expected if they are not used carefully.

However, laptops have a unique problem. Unlike the CPU of desktop PCs, which can be passively cooled by fans, laptop CPUs don’t have such cooling systems.

Because of this, the temperature rises as they work on and since there is no way to control it, laptops become extremely hot after long periods of continuous use.

When a person is using a laptop, the hottest part of the computer case is always placed directly on the lap. This makes the laptop case an easy target for overheating.

A good cooling pad can help you reduce the temperature by several degrees and lower your laptop’s temperature by as much as 14 degrees.

Some laptop coolers specially designed to cool down the CPU and GPU of gaming laptops can also reduce the temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

SO, YES, a cooling system does work.

Wrapping it up…

We tested six different laptop coolers and were able to confirm that all of them do work. Although the results of all the laptop coolers varied, the drop in temperature was significant enough to be effective at keeping your laptop or your personal computer cool for long periods of time.

To measure the effectiveness of a product it is actually important to use the right product. Cooling pads are not extremely expensive investments. So, it becomes easier for the user to try and test their effectiveness.

Most importantly, we all can do this much for the safety and longevity of our laptops which has actually cost us a decent sum of money.

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