What are the Computer Requirements for Online Teaching?

Computer Requirements for Online Teaching

When you are taking your classes online, you need a couple of things to ensure that you can teach properly.

Thus, we thought of creating this guide which covers all the computer requirements to teach online.

These are the computer requirements for online teaching:

  1. Minimum of 250GB of HDD or 128 GB SSD
  2. Minimum 4GB DDR4 RAM
  3. At least an Intel Core i3 Processor (Generation 10th onwards) or AMD’s Ryzen series.
  4. Working Internet Connection
  5. Working Internet Browser – We prefer Chrome/Edge for Windows or Safari/Chrome (for Mac users)
  6. At least 720p (HD) Webcam for Streaming Purposes
  7. Computer Microphone/ External Microphone.
  8. Preferred OS: Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.10

Other than this we recommend that you are in a silent location. A study corner of your house would be the best for a study setting, a library, etc.

Before the class also ensure that you have all the things ready so that you can handle any online school program.

Note: These are the basic minimum requirements that your PC/Laptop should have. These can also vary depending upon the management system that is used by your institution or course.

If you are not having any PC that meets these requirements, we highly recommend you to get only the best laptop for online teaching. These will help to make distance learning much easier. Go for a computer that has launched recently or one that meets the above requirements discussed above.

Any computer with the basic specifications that are mentioned above are more than enough for online education.

What are the things that I should take note of?

While trying hard to teach online, there are a couple of things you should always stand by!

The first and foremost suggestion that we would provide is not to use a borrowed computer. Even if it is from a friend, avoid it at all costs. The reason is that you may have your research interrupted every now and then.

Secondly, the laptop or PC might not be available to you all the time. So, whenever you’re trying to take online classes, applying for an online school, or any other matter, always get your own laptop.

Also, we heavily recommend that you have a computer in the best condition and can be used anytime. The reason is that you might have to record certain lectures or have video sessions and live chats. In such cases having a faulty computer will set you back and will let you down.

Thus, fix the old PC or get a new one ASAP before your classes begin.

Now, it may happen that you might be having specified software for your particular university or college. Thus, you will have to check the specification of those programs or applications before buying accordingly.

The best way to obtain such information is by visiting the school/college/university website and obtaining the system requirements list from there.


This pretty much wraps everything. If you’ve got doubts, feel free to use the comment section below. If you know anything we missed under computer Requirements for Online Teaching, let us know.

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