Can You Tag Yourself On Instagram: Everything You Need To Know

Can You Tag Yourself On Instagram?

In the bustling world of Instagram, where everyone is vying for attention, tagging can be your secret weapon to make your brand stand out. 

By strategically tagging other accounts, you can expand your reach and engagement without spending a dime. 

It’s like getting a free ride to someone else’s audience, giving your business a chance to shine in front of new eyes. Not only does it help with exposure, but it also fosters collaboration and shows appreciation for others. 

However, like any social interaction, there’s an etiquette to tagging, and it’s crucial to get it right. 

So, buckle up as we navigate the ins and outs of leveraging tagging on Instagram to elevate your brand presence.

What are the Different Ways of Tagging on Instagram?

What are the Different Ways of Tagging on Instagram?

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the different ways to tag on Instagram:

  1. @mentioning in Comments, Reels, or Stories: You can tag other businesses or individuals by including their username with the “@” symbol in your descriptive comment, Reel, or Story.
  2. Tagging in the Image or Video: Another way is by directly tagging them in the image or video you’re posting. You do this by selecting their Instagram handle while you’re creating your post.
  3. Tagging Products: If a brand has an Instagram Shop set up, you can tag their products in your posts.
  4. Tagging Locations: You can tag specific locations in your posts to show up on the map view for that place. This is different from tagging a business’s handle.
  5. Collaborations (Collabs): You can collaborate with other businesses by co-authoring posts and Reels with them.

These different tagging methods help you connect with others, showcase products, highlight locations, and collaborate with fellow Instagram users.

How to Tag Other Accounts on Instagram Timeline Posts?

Tagging other accounts on Instagram timeline posts is pretty straightforward. 

Firstly, if you want to mention someone in the caption, just type ‘@’ followed by their username. A menu will pop up, and you can select the right account.

Secondly, if you want to physically tag someone on the image itself, here’s what you do: when you’re creating your post, under the caption section, there’s an option called ‘Tag people’. Click on it, tap the image where you want the tag, and type in the username.

And hey, if you’ve already posted but forgot to tag someone, don’t sweat it! Just click on the three dots at the top right of your post, select ‘Edit’, then hit ‘Tag’ at the bottom left of the photo. From there, you can add the tag you missed.

That’s it! Easy peasy.

Can You Tag Yourself On Instagram?

Nope, you can’t tag yourself on Instagram. Only the person who puts up the photo can tag others in it. You can still mention your own name in a comment, but that won’t show up in your feed or your tagged photos.

Where Can I See Photos Of Me That Other People Have Tagged?

So, if you’re wondering where you can see the photos that other people have tagged you in on Instagram, it’s pretty easy. Just go to your profile, and there you’ll find a tab called “Profile Tab” (look for the little card icon at the bottom right of your screen). 

Click on that, and you’ll see the photos you’ve been tagged in. You can even decide if you want them to show up automatically or if you want to approve them first. Easy peasy!

How To Untag Yourself From An Instagram Post?

How To Untag Yourself From An Instagram Post?

If you’ve been tagged in an Instagram post that you don’t want to be associated with, or if the post is inappropriate, you can remove the tag easily. 

First, find the post you want to remove the tag from. Then, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the post. A menu will pop up, and you should choose “Tagging options.” 

In that menu, you’ll see the option to remove the tag. You can also hide the post from your profile if you don’t want it to show up there.

To prevent unwanted tags in the future, you can adjust your tagging settings. 

Go to your profile settings and select “Privacy.” Then, choose “Posts.” You can decide who can tag you in posts: everyone, only people you follow, or nobody. You can also control product tags and enable “Manually approve tags.” 

This means you’ll have to approve any tags before they appear on your profile, which is helpful if you’re dealing with a lot of spam tags. Just remember to check the section regularly for pending tags that need approval.

How to Hide a Tagged Post From Your Instagram Profile?

How to Hide a Tagged Post From Your Instagram Profile?

Here’s a simple guide on how to hide a tagged post from your Instagram profile:

1. Find the post you want to hide on your profile.

2. Tap on the post to see the tags.

3. Tap on your username.

4. Select “Hide From My Profile“.

After you’ve done these steps, the post won’t show up in your tagged photos section on your profile. But don’t worry, your account will still be tagged in the post, so others can still find you.

Will the Other Instagram Account Be Notified if You Untag Yourself?

When you untag yourself from a photo on Instagram, the person who posted it won’t receive a notification about it. They also won’t know if you hide the post from your profile. 

However, they might notice eventually that you’re no longer tagged.

It’s important to understand the difference between a tagged post and a collaboration. Tagging someone means just linking their account in the post. But a collaboration is like a joint project where both accounts share ownership of the post. 

When you collaborate, the post appears on both of your feeds. 

So, untagging yourself only removes your tag from the post, but collaborating involves both accounts sharing the post.


In the fast-paced realm of Instagram, tagging can be your secret weapon for standing out in the crowd. It’s your free ticket to a wider audience, giving your brand a chance to shine in front of new eyes and fostering collaboration along the way.

Navigating the etiquettes of tagging is essential, but with various methods at your disposal – from @mentions to collaborations – connecting with others, showcasing products, and highlighting locations becomes a breeze.

Remember, while you can’t tag yourself on Instagram, managing tags and collaborations is simple. And if you ever find yourself tagged in a post you’d rather not associate with, the tools to manage it are right at your fingertips.

So, go ahead, harness the power of tagging on Instagram, and watch your brand presence soar to new heights!

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