10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021

10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing

The year 2020 has caused lots of ups and downs, especially in the business world. Especially this can be noted in the economy.  It has slumped downwards. However, businesses have tried their best to keep a positive outlook despite all the problems by shifting everything online. This is where the Best Monitor for Video Conferencing help

So new and innovative methods to conduct business such as e-commerce and work from home are the trending concepts today. Now the board meetings, conferences are held virtually through various video conferencing apps. 

So, if you are one of those who regularly need to conduct or attend the video conferences, then you will no doubt appreciate the importance of having good electronic devices to support it.  

So, what is this video conferencing?

This is a virtual meeting, and it facilitates communication between multiple people who might be sitting or present in different places. All this is achieved by sending Audio and Video signals through the internet. Because of this video conferencing, there is no need for a person to physically travel to a particular place to attend a meeting. This in turn saves precious time, money, and other resources.

What are the electronic devices needed for video conferencing?

Foremost, of course, the internet is needed, followed by a good webcam and speakers. But most important is the monitor through which you can see others and view the files. So, now the question arises as to which is the best monitor for video conferencing? Mentioned below are some models of monitors that are considered the best as per their features and specifications.

Best Monitors for Video Conferencing in 2021


Dell has made the best monitor for video conferencing

This monitor tops the list.   The screen size offered is 23.8 inches and the resolution offered is 1920×1080. From the looks, it might appear like a basic monitor.  However, it comes loaded with features such as a built-in 2MP Full HD infrared camera with facial recognition. It has a noise-canceling microphone and 5W front speakers making it very ideal for video conferencing. It is designed for productivity as be seen from the fact that it has a 178/178-degree wide viewing angle. 

This enables great views and colors.  It has slim borders and an adjustable stand with VESA compatibility.  This allows the user to connect 2-3 monitors, customize the viewing experience, and gives versatile connectivity. There is a provision to connect the monitor to various devices such as USB3.0, USB2.0, DP, VGA, and HDMI.  


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 1

The Asus monitor comes in a Screen size of 27 inches and its resolution is the same as the Dell monitor that is 1920×1080. It is very close to the Dell P2418HZ when it comes to its specifications and features. It has very attractive features such as LED backlights for the monitor. It is a superior quality multimedia monitor because of its 16:9 screen with a built-in 2Mp webcam and dual 3W speakers. The response time is only 2ms thereby eliminating ghosting and ensuring smooth playback.

The contrast ratio of the Asus monitor is 1M:1 which means clear and more defined images on the screen.  One more jaw-dropping function of this monitor is that it has a PIP (picture in Picture) function. This means 2 different displays can be viewed simultaneously with a single press on the keyboard. The monitor is VESA mountable and it can be connected through HDMI, VGA, DIV, and DisplayPort.


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 2

The monitor size is 23.8 inches and the resolution offered is 1920×1080. This monitor is a no-frills simple and lightweight monitor.  It comes embedded with HD webcam DBS speakers.  The monitor has an adjustable swivel, height, and tilt stand.

A special feature is that its pivot rotation helps to switch between portrait and landscape views. Working on its LED monitor with IPS panel and a full HD resolution with a response time of 5ms is comfortable.


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 3

The monitor size of 23.8” is just the perfect size for videoconferencing.   The monitor comes along with an HD webcam, microphone, and dual speakers.   The height tilt and swivel adjustable monitor is very versatile and can be connected thru HDMI, USB, VGA, and DisplayPort.


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 4

This 27” monitor comes with a full HD 1080p display with a thin bezel of only 0.5” thereby providing outstanding picture quality. The speakers are built-in, and a privacy camera is also included. This can be tilted to a 20-degree angle, but the height is not adjustable. It is very lightweight and comes with the VESA mountable feature.


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 5

This model of Samsung monitor is very slim thereby giving an option of either mounting it on a wall or keeping on a table. It has a resolution of 4K Ultra HD with built-in wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  The noteworthy feature is that it is compatible with the Cisco WebEx room kit. This makes it one of the best monitors for video conferencing.

The 64x of conventional UHD display with 350-nit brightness ensures crystal clear view. Last but not the least, Samsung’s system -On-Chip (SoC) technology offers and all in one digital signage solution. But all this offer comes at a slightly higher price.


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 6

If you need a monitor not just for video conferencing but for other purposes as well, then this is the one you should go for. This is also good for gaming because it has gaming features such as AMD Free Sync technology.    The monitor displays vivid colors and contrast with additional details.  wide NTSC color gamut of up to 95% for HRD10 content.


10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 7

This 32” 75 Hz monitor has a WQHD resolution of 2560×1440 and a guaranteed 178-degree wide viewing angle for undistorted viewing pleasure. It displays 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

It also has LED backlights, anti-glare, flicker-free, and reduced blue light emission.

Acer R240HY bidx:

10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 8

This monitor employs Acer’s latest Flicker-less technology thereby eliminating eye fatigue. The plus point of this monitor is that it is ENERGY STAR certified mercury-free thereby making it energy efficient by consuming power of only 25W. Also, the high viewing angle and ergonomic tilt speak in its favor.

LG 34WK650-W: Best Ultrawide video conferencing monitor

10 Best Monitor for Video Conferencing in 2021 9

This elegantly designed monitor comes in a 34” ultra-wide display and an aspect ratio of 21:9. The color accuracy is up to 99% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum. 

Along with this monitor, 5W premium stereo speakers with MaxxAudio are provided and are really good. However, the monitor stand is not very sturdy and strong and may be considered its drawback. Other than that, it has great on-screen controls and HDR10 compatible.

The above list is not a conclusive one, but great effort is taken to cover the best monitors available for video conferencing today. 

Before deciding on the Best Monitor for Video Conferences, consider the following factors:

  1.  Room Size – The bigger the room and more people, then your monitor should be big as well.
  2. The resolution, Sound, Display functions – This is important otherwise it might not serve your specific purpose and you might have to invest in additional devices.
  3. Budget – If on a tight budget, try for the monitor with basic and important features needed for video conferencing rather than splurging on features that you might not need.


Since the individual needs and requirements differ from people to people, such as Architects or programming experts, it is best to take your time to review the product description and reviews before deciding on a particular monitor. Then you will no doubt use your monitor to its full capacity. For Reviews Similar to this, Checkout our Monitor Category. For More information on Gadgets like Laptops, Monitors, Gaming Peripherals, visit expertratings.net


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