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Best Monitor for Fighting Games

There are monitors today which are specifically built for a required purpose. This may sound strange. But the point is that monitors have evolved a lot from the way they were designed earlier and how they are designed today. For instance, the monitor specs required by a Graphic designer or a working professional might slightly differ from that required by a Gamer.

Now, the design of the monitors has become a little bit more detailed. Take, for example, the monitors which are available for fighting games specifically.

Why so? What is that makes the monitors for fighting games so special?

These monitors are specifically built with fast refresh rates and response times. Also, sync improvements are at its best. Yes, as any die-hard gamer will vouch for, these features can take gaming to another level.  So, then what are some of the best monitors available for fighting games? Mentioned below are some:

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games Reviews

 ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ: Top Pick

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 1

This monitor tops the list. One main reason is that it has a 4K UHD. The amazing resolution is 3840 x 2160 and at a 144HZ refresh rate.  This is one of the most important features required for a gamer.  That is not all.  The Asus Rog monitor has an integrated Nvidia G Sync HDR. The brightness is peak 100 nits and 384 local dimming zone.  However, all these features come at an expensive price. So, if you are not withheld by any sort of budgetary constraints, then this monitors is the one you should go for if you are a serious gamer.

Asus ROG Strix VG248QE Gaming Monitor

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 2

This monitor offers 350 cd/m2 brightness, 1920 x 1080 resolution, and a 144Hz refresh rate. This might seem common features, but what makes this monitor a class apart from the others is that it has built-in speakers, wall-mountable features, an ergonomically designed stand, and overall has a glossy look. That is not all, the price is kept minimal so it makes it very affordable and might end up as the first choice for many.

Acer Predator XB273K Gaming Monitor

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 3

Coming not far behind the Asus monitor is the Acer PredatorXB273K Gaming Monitor.  Its star features are Nvidia G-Sync, an IPS panel that supports 120 Hz refresh rate, and a 25” UHD 4K (3840 x 1260) resolution.  It also has the feature to optimize colors with Quantum dot technology and DCI p3 90 ultra-wide panels. The displays are Vega Certified with high brightness and contrast. The monitors offer comparatively less eye strain even when you play a game for a long time.  After reading this specification, please do not dismiss this monitor by saying that the price might be beyond your reach. Surprisingly, the makers of the Acer Predator have kept the price very reasonable and economical.

AOC CQ32G1 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 4

The name itself is sure to pique your interest.  This is an ultra-cool 32” monitor with a frameless design and narrow borders.  The maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, with 1ms response time and AMD Free Sync, make it best suitable for a fighting game monitor. That is not all. The resolution is 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution and contrast ratio is 80,000,000:1.  The power source is equally impressive with 100-240V 50/60 Hz. Not just for gaming, this monitor makes it a great work companion as well.  Unfortunately, this monitor does not come with built-in speakers.

LG 27GL650F-B Gaming Monitor

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 5

As the name itself suggests, this is another good gaming monitor specially made for playing fighting games. The monitor comes as a 27” full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The refresh rate is 144Hz with an IPS display. The best part of this monitor is its response time which is 1ms. So, the transitions are done without any smearing and there are no broken frames, choppy graphics, and so on. The adjustable stand also deserves a worthy mention because it enables screen tilt, height, and pivot adjustments. One drawback of this monitor could be that it does not have built-in speakers.

MSI Optix MAG24C

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 6

If having the best visuals in your fighting game is of utmost concern to you, then this monitor is the right one because it has Adaptive-Sync technology. The graphics provided are very realistic, with sharp colors and details. Emission of the blue light from the monitor is reduced thereby minimizing eye fatigue. Compared with other models, this monitor is cheaper than the rest.


10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 7

With a 2540 x 1440 p resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, this curved monitor is a good one for playing fighting games. Why so? Because this gives a 4ms response time and an AMD FreeSync support for reducing the lag. The color output is dynamic with 115% of the RGB color spectrum, 16.7M colors with a 1M:1 contrast ratio which ensures a better viewing experience and less strain to the eyes. The downside is that some of its settings are a bit hard to access but the plus points are its great connection, versatility, and adjustable settings.

BenQ GL2706PQ

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 8

This monitor is for those serious die-hard gamers and professionals because of its ergonomic design. It provides the utmost comfort and at the same time is designed to reduced eye strain. This 27” monitor has an incredibly great resolution. The response time is ultra-quick 1ms and the contrast ratio is 12M:1 with a 100% dot to image quality. All this ensures that the image quality is the best with almost true to life colors. This coupled with Low Blue light technology makes this monitor great for viewing and playing games.

Alienware AW2518HF

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 9

With an impressive 1 ms response time, this 25″ monitor is here to stay. It is futuristic-ally designed with a lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate. The exteriors are very sleek and leave quite an impression. To state an example, the adjustable tilt, pivot, swivel make it a monitor to be desired. The gaming features provided are enhanced and include an FPS counter and an on-screen timer. However, all this comes at an extra cost and so might be beyond the reach of some because of its pricing.

ViewSonic XG2530

10 Best Monitor for Fighting Games - Don't miss the Action 10

This 25” inch monitor with a 1080p resolution is a reasonable gaming monitor and can be comfortably used for fighting games. The AMD Free-Sync Technology, 240 Hz refresh rate, and 1ms fast response time speak in its favor. There is a Black stabilization feature for providing additional visibility especially needed to brighten up some dark scenes. The connectivity offered is very flexible and an added advantage is the adjustable stand.

Things to look for before buying a monitor for Fighting Games

Adaptive Sync

Adaptive Sync is basically the dynamic adjusting of a monitor’s vertical refresh rate to its frame rate of the GPU (graphics card). It basically reduces the screen tearing, stutters, and judder. It was initially developed for the video gaming industry. However, it has now almost become a standard for a gaming monitor today, that it must support a variable and adjustable refresh rate.

This reduces screen tearing. So, on one side we have the G-Sync which works with Nvidia graphic cards and the other Free Sync works with AMD monitors only.

Types of Panel

Panel technology consists of two types that are:

  • Twisted Nematic (TN) Panels
  • IPS(in-plane switching) Panels

TN (Twisted Nematic) which is good response times. IPS (in-plane switching) offers good visual quality, better viewing angles, and so on but the response time is a little bit slowed. Another factor to consider before going for a fighting game monitor is the connectors. 

Other Things for Fighting and Action games

The monitor should have a DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 1.4/2.0 connections. So, whatever you chose, please review the features thoroughly and compare it with the other monitors and decide accordingly in line with your preferences.


It goes to mention that before deciding on a monitor, the main thing to look for is the Resolution, the Refresh rate, the Response time, screen size, and so on. However, if you are looking for a particular monitor for fighting games, then additional thought to be given to features such as Adaptive-Sync and Panel Technology. Visit our Home Page for more coverage on related topics


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