10 Best Gacha Games that Mobile RPG Players will love

Best Gacha Games

Gacha Games are getting more and more popular these days. Although they are relatively new, they have gained a lot of popularity in countries such as Japan and the US. Due to this, the demand for such games has increased significantly. Well, so we thought of making a comprehensive list of the Best Gacha Games that are currently available for you to try.

What are Gacha Games?

Gacha games mostly possess the Gacha mechanics in which you pull something similar to a toy-vending system to acquire arbitrary digital objects such as new characters, costumes, and armors.

What is the format of the Best Gacha Games?

These games are unique and have a different play style. They have so-called jRPG combat mechanics together with a story that is usually long with a lot of special events in it. Some of these games are online multiplayer too.

But the main thing in a Gacha game is definitely the gacha element.

It makes it possible to build your new dream world using an army of powerful characters. But to have an opportunity to pull on the Gacha, you need the in-app money or real cash.

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So today, we will provide you with the Best Gacha games that are available for Android and iPhone. The ones which are simple to play and at the same time do not bug you always with in-app purchases that cost you some real cash.

Now having said all of this, let us go through our list.

Best Gacha Games with RPG

The Alchemist Code : The Best Gacha Game

Is The Alchemist Code one of the Best Gacha games?
The Alchemist Code

Alchemist code is a well-known and popular RPG gacha game. It utilizes strategy RPG mechanisms rather than the customary jRPG mechanics. However, if you are accustomed to jRPG mechanics don’t worry, you won’t take time to adjust to the strategy RPG mechanics. This means you move units across the board to strike the bad villains.

The game also includes 50 classic characters, a multiplayer co-op mode, various special events, and aggressive PvP. It appeared pretty free-to-play (F2P) which was loved by people throughout our testing. But one may observe the debate going both ways.

The game is supported with a nice soundtrack, very good images, and a good deal of things to do. So, if you are looking for a Gacha game and haven’t played this one yet, do give it a try.

Dragalia Lost

Draglia Lost: Gacha Game from Nintendo
Draglia Lost: Gacha Game from Nintendo

Produced by Cygames and released by Nintendo, Dragalia missing is among the coolest hottest RPG games for mobile right now, accessible on IOS and of course Android.

Dragalia Lost is a Nintendo mobile RPGs games on this list. This one really had a small rough start with a few bugs and connection problems. However, it seems better now. The game boasts actions RPG mechanics so that it’s a bit more active than many cellular RPGs.

The character pool is not as enormous as other games, but it is enjoyable anyway. We enjoy this one since it’s quite F2P friendly (non-aggressive monetization), the narrative is really pretty great, and it is only a decent and apparently complete general experience. This probably ought to have been with this list earlier, but it is here today.

Dragalia lost concentrates on utilizing dragon for characters which you may update and construct weapons out of. The storyline of the game is among the very best on this list. And Trust me, if you love games based on story lines, Dragalia lost is for you.

While Dragalia lost is totally free to play and download, it takes an online connection to have the ability to get into the gameplay, the lively screen, the wonderful narrative, along with additional perks that come with playing with this game.

Gacha World

gacha world is one of the most popular gacha games
Gacha World Icon

Gacha World is among the most popular and highly-rated games available on the Play Store. As its name implies, it is about the Gacha system and it is pretty addictive. The game is filled with anime characters and you may even make your own characters by farming quests, fighting Raid Bosses, and much more.

You’ve got the job to save the planet from corruption by studying more about the character’s narrative and earning reward points. With sufficient money, you can dive in to the Gacha World and select from over 90 characters.

Further, you are able to personalize the ensemble or the outfits from head to toe by yanking the Gacha. And the best thing about the game is that it doesn’t always alert you to purchase the in-app currency. The game has sufficient tasks to obtain the in-game money without having to spend real money that’s wonderful. Thus making it one of the best gacha games available currently.

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike force is highly talked about in reddit
Marvel Strike force

Marvel Strike force is among the very talked-about gacha games Reddit, maybe since it conveys the iconic title of the Marvel franchise or the simple fact that you get to get world’s mightiest heroes fight for you.

Marvel’s Strike Force is among the few tolerable Western gachas. It functions like most mobile RPGs. You build a team of your favourite MARVEL characters (both good and bad) to do fight against a new danger. The narrative of this game is pretty decent and it is really a fantastic play if you stay away from the PvP part of the game.

This game is nicely designed with a fantastic narrative and incorporates all of the marvel characters out of their various world as the Marvel Strike force game is a squad RPG sport, that is quite clear.

Be ready to play with this gacha game with characters such as DareDevil (Matt Mudork), Wolverine, Black Panther, Elektra, Rocket Racoon and so forth.

Unfortunately, like most Western gachas, the programmers charge a lot of cash for new characters (which signify the new meta when started). It is simple enough to avoid if you adhere to PvE, but hopeless if you play with PvP at all. Stay for the narrative, make the PvP alone, and this can be a pretty good gacha game.

Marvel Strike Force game brings epic visual battle and magnificent visual gaming experience for your device, in case you are a fan of Marvel cinematic universe, this ought to be the favourite gacha game available on this list.

Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin is among the very popular mobile RPG gacha games online now and it's among the greatest with a 4.5 score from over 50,000 testimonials about the Google PlayStore.
Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin is what is generally referred to as a Total Gacha.

Tales of Erin is among the very popular mobile RPG gacha games online now and it’s among the greatest with a 4.5 score from over 50,000 testimonials about the Google PlayStore.

The visuals of the game are persuasive in addition to the narrative that’s the backbone of almost any gacha game actually. Together with the magnificent visuals, Tales of Erin also includes over 80 unique heroes along with a cast of voice actors along with deep character development to boost your experience.

You can even play with Tales of Erin with buddies with its innovative real time multiplayer feature.

It’s everything from RPG action to play, strategies, and dream. The sport has a strange storyline from early Japan where there’s a cold war between God and the human world. While this seems exciting, there’s more to unpack. You’ve got anime-styled scenes, music which matches well with the gambling ambiance, and excellent voice acting from the figures.

And of course, Tales of Erin comprises over 80 distinct characters which may be accumulated through the Gacha system. You’ll need to master the ability of Divinity and make a new world order. Additionally, the sport has some really great images with 3D animations and extreme visuals. I’d say, if you would like to enjoy the best Gacha games to the fullest in your iPhone or Android then Tales of Erin packs a punch and you should definitely try it out.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is very popular gacha game among Dragon Ball fans

Dragon Ball Legends is among the most popular anime action RPG games of all time.

So far as gacha games go, this one is up there and using plenty of popular characters also, how good is to play your favourite games with characters you know and enjoy. Dragon Ball Legends enables you to play characters such as Goku, Vegeta, and the likes.

Dragon Ball Legends has excellent controls and setup for class actions PvP battles. In addition, you get to play together and against other people in the magnificent visuals that this game provides. To make things more straightforward, DBL has over 800k favorable testimonials and 10,000,000 runs on the Google PlayStore. You have to try it out now!!

RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends is among the most significant and best mobile rpg games for Android together with over 10,000,000 installations and 800,000 reviews.

RAID is a state-of-the-art Android RPG game which has a great deal of features to try and also a very intriguing storyline.

Pick from over 400 characters to your character with raid, complete epic boss battles to accumulate incredible rewards, and like PVP games, Raid also contains its PvP arena where teams may proceed against each other.

Explore with this RPG game and revel in the stunning visuals in addition to the roleplaying gameplay, it’s quite simple to get and if you are already acquainted with a variety of the mobile RPG games discussed above, you will be able to install RAID and enjoyable this easy to play with gacha game.

To learn more about this game watch this funny review below:

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

In case you’ve played games in the Final Fantasy series sooner then you’re likely to enjoy Opera Omnia a whole lot. It is among the very best Gacha games on Android and not just that, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is dependent on the RPG motif with Gacha mechanics.

One of the many sorts of Gacha games, RPG-based games are generally known to be the most popular.

Watch the Undubbed original release Trailer of the Gacha game below

Talking about the game, you have all of the characters in the Final Fantasy series with a persuasive narrative and strong deities. If you’re a newcomer, then there’s not anything to be concerned about. The game permits you to amass a vast assortment of characters out of the in-game reward program. You are able to pull on a Gacha anytime you want a new weapon or a personality.

The Redditors over at gacha games Reddit are super crazy and mad about this game. Brought to you by the group in Square Enix, the founders of the wildly popular and successful game show, final fantasy.

Dissidia Final Fantasy requires another but similar strategy to gacha gaming and contains a nearly perfect reviews of over 40,000 available on the Google Play Store.

This game has distinct modes from battle modes ranging all the way to play with friend mode. One of the most intriguing things about this game is that the story mode is arguably among the very best on our list of gacha games.

Another Eden

Another Eden Gacha game
Another Eden

Another Eden is just one of the more recent gacha mobile games. The story writer and music composer are done by the very same men that did Chrono Trigger, Masato Kato. There are in fact many odes to Chrono Trigger from the game, such as time travel and another little narrative and design component.

The gacha component is rather modest, but we believe it will grow as time passes. The mechanisms stray a little from the conventional mobile RPG. You go around a map and take part in narrative missions like ancient console JRPGs rather than the typical mission-style game play with.

It is unbelievably good, even if it is a little different from many gacha games. The summertime 2019 upgrade also included a great deal of new narrative content and a few game plays changes.

In this game, you’ll need to set out on a journey beyond space and time to shield the future. In terms of the game, it is pretty immersive and provides visuals that appear pretty large quality, even akin to consoles. The soundtracks and subject will also be well-orchestrated to supply engaging gameplay.

Aside from that, Another Eden lately obtained new characters and things through a significant upgrade. Consequently, if you’re wishing to play with a captivating Gacha game on android, Another Eden is a must try.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

This thrilling game has existed for quite a very long time but only got revived and better than ever before.

Anime fans will discover this gacha game much more attractive and befitting. The seven mortal sins is a free gacha game precisely like every other on this list with the regular in-app purchases.

This game provides a novel approach to battles, nice images, PVP, choices to collaborate with buddies and leave your favorite characters with augmented reality, many reviewers called it among those finest gacha games they have played 2020.

 Bonus Gacha Game: BLEACH Brave Souls

Bleach Soul Gacha Game

If you have followed Bleach Universe anime that can be watched online, you will love this game as well. This gacha game uses the characters that you can find in the Bleach Universe, all with their unique moves and skills.

What makes this game interesting is that you can create an army of warriors as you like. As you level up your way, you can also build a custom character with unique abilities as well.


I hope you liked this list of the best gacha games available right now. If you have others in your mind or have something for us, drop it in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for more lists like this.

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