10 Best Drawing Tablets with Screen (Pen Displays) 2021

Best Drawing Tablets with Screen

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If you are looking for a graphic or a drawing tablet with a screen, this place is your safest bet. These are also referred to as interactive monitors or pen display tablets which have a built-in screen that is connected to a computer.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, an architect, or a graphic designer, you need to make sure that you unleash your full potential and imagination by exploring features that aren’t available on paper. So, here are the best drawing tablets with a screen that you may want to update in 2021.

10 Best Drawing Tablets with Screen for the Artist in You:

A number of electronics companies make a variety of these drawing tablet or pen displays. Before deciding which one to choose, we recommend that you go through our list and features of these devices to help you max out the creative inside you.

After you’ve had an idea of the different types of drawing tablets with screen, we’ve selected the top ten ones to help you make an informed purchase. Whether you need a wired or non-wired pen display, a pressure-sensitive pen, or top priority anti-reflective glass, this list has it all.

Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet: Best option for Beginners

Wacom One: Best tablets with drawing screen for Beginners
Wacom One

Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet is one of the most famous choices in the digital drawing industry. This is a must-have tool if you want to boost your productivity and innovative skills and look for opportunities to explore. It comes with a 13.3 “screen that is smooth paper-like texture and also boasts superior and innovative software that is compatible with some android devices as well as leading pen brands.

This tablet is fitted with a 1920 * 1080 high-resolution screen for full visibility. It also comes with a pressure-sensitive, cordless, and battery-free pen to save you from the trouble of charging it.

The built-in tilting recognition technology helps enable natural tilting. This tablet is very compact and helps you to operate easily on the go as it only weighs about 2 pounds.

This tablet is compatible with your day-to-day operating systems, such as Mac and Windows, Android tablets, and smartphones. Being affordable and well priced, it is our top recommend pick and one of the best drawing tablets with screen, especially for beginners.

Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

Wacom Cintiq 16
Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet with Screen

It’s all from the same company as the previous Wacom product, but it’s a different model. This model is fitted with an innovative pen display with an optimized style that works best especially for beginners.

Some of these features include a vivid and stunning full-screen HD screen with an ergonomic design that features an ultra-responsive pro pen 2 that brings out your innovative ideas and renderings.

It also comes with special software called Clip Studio Paint that makes a smooth transition from paper to tablet. This device comes in two screen sizes – 15.6 and 21.5 inches, which are fitted with anti-glare display technology. The Wacom Pro Pen 2 will flow with you with its electromagnetic resonance technology before you finish.

Wacom Cintiq Pro

Wacom Cintiq Pro Drawing Tablet
Wacom Cintiq Pro

This particular model from Wacom is the Cintiq pro, this series consists of Pro16, 13, and the new models are 32 and 23 with advanced artistic pen displays. This Wacom screen features a first-rate 4k resolution display with a superior color rating.

Like Wacom Cintiq, the Cintiq Pro also comes with the Wacom Pro Pen 2, which gives you an all-round experience. Upon purchasing this unit, you will have 2 months of complimentary access to Adobe applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud Photography and Adobe Premiere Rush to bring the artist to your attention.

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Its chisel-plated glass can make you feel like a paper when you sketch, it also narrows down the reflections with an anti-glare panel. The Pro 13 and 16 comes with a full HD resolution of 1920 and 1080 pixels. The drawing pen has accurate pressure sensitivity and is free of batteries so there is no need for charging.

XP-Pen Innovator 16

XP-Pen Innovator 16
XP-Pen Innovator 16

This is the latest innovator series known as the XP-Pen Innovator 16 comes with a beautiful 15.6 display with a streamlined and elegant 9 mm profile. It is distinguished by its full laminated technology for the fusion of glass and screen to eliminate parallax. It has a 92 percent RGB screen color spectrum with 88 percent NTSC that is vibrantly expressive with colorful artwork.

The innovator 16 stylus has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 and is free of batteries. It also has a 60-degree tilting motion for versatility. Besides, the holder of the pen is given to protect the stylus. The tablet has 8 interchangeable physical keys, one mechanical wheel, and one virtual wheel. The unit comes with a robust and flexible stand to reduce discomfort and, for the left-hander, can be rotated to 180 degrees for optimum stability and, by the way, can only be tilted at one stage.

Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Tablet with Screen Graphics Drawing Monitor

Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Graphics Drawing Monitor
Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Tablet

This device gives you high output and boasts a beautiful design that offers you the most rewarding drawing interface for all of its users. This device is versatile and lightweight with a thickness of 11 m and about 1.5 pounds.

Another highlight of this tablet is that it offers you a terrific output as it is equipped with a “magic screen” to add clarity and exuberance to every detail.

It is equipped with a completely laminated AG glass IPS screen which gives you an ideal viewing angle of 178 degrees. With 16.7 million colors and 120 percent sRGB large spectra that breathes life to every development on the full HD screen.

The stylus is designed to reduce the fatigue of the grip resulting in 8192 levels of screen pressure. The battery-free stylus supports a resolution of 5080 LPI resolution and tilting of 60 degrees makes every stroke of yours as precise as possible.

XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro
XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

One of the highlights of the XP PEen Artist drawing tablet is the red dial design that can triple the digital imagination. The display is fitted with a 1920x1080p FHD screen that gives you maximum visibility. It also comes with a completely laminated technology that effortlessly connects both glass and screen. This tablet also has an improvement compared to its previous version, as it features 8 completely customizable shortcut keys that you can personalize to your preferences.

You can operate smoothly without any complications since there’s a 60-degree tilt in it. The stylus comes with the pressure sensitivity of up to 8192 levels for maximum performance and also has a battery-free charge so that it does not have to be charged.

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Huion Kamvas 22 plus

Huion Kamvas 22 plus
Huion Kamvas 22 plus

This Huion tablet has a svelte 21.5-inch screen. This tablet also houses an anti-glare matte film and engraved glass technology for parallax suppression to give you maximum efficiency. The display has a QD LCD for blocking blue light with quantum dot technology. The stylus uses the Pen Tech 3.0 technology, which provides a low magnetic core for more reliable operation and free of batteries so need to charge it.

It supports a tilting of 60 degrees, a pressure sensitivity levels of 8192, and a resolution of 5080 LPI resolution as the optical stylus helps you flawlessly in all your service. While this tablet does not come with any customizable keys, it comes with an ergonomically built stand that can be adjusted at angles between 20 and 80 degrees.

Gaomon PD1560

Gaomon PD1560
Gaomon PD1560

This tablet is state-of-the-art and a forerunner in the tablet technology industry, as it features a 15.6″ FHD display. It comes with not one or two but ten customizable left-hand keys that can be tailored to your ingenious working style and can be personally tailored to suit your needs. This will save you a lot of time. The stylus comes with advanced pressure levels up to 8192 and a resolution of 5080 LPI, which increases the efficiency of your work.

It also has a more secure grip and a customizable double button on its side that is used to switch between eraser and brush controls that pave the way for extra artistic creativity, and also has a pressure sensitivity score of 233PPS that makes the lines appear smoother and more accurate. This tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro

XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro
XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro

Since more and more tablets on the market offer a variety of customizations, the previous version did not offer any, but the Pro comes up with eight entirely customizable shortcut keys for efficient results. The 11.6″ FHD display is very compact and is fitted with a three-in-one cable configuration for trouble-free charging. The stylus is also built efficiently with pressure levels up to 8192 and also has a response time of 14ms which gives you maximum stability.

Its sleek red dial interface also ensures that you get the optimum performance. Plus, it is ergonomically built for faster and more effective handling and can also be tailored to your standards. It also offers you a natural tilting of 60 degrees to avoid any adjustment at each time, which gives you maximum versatility.


So, this was all about our list of the Best drawing tablets with screen (Pen Displays).

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The new age has redefined how technology has been used in our everyday lives. It’s profoundly eased and improved our lives, we’re not just talking about smartphones. From informing us of the temperature outside, or shutting off electrical equipment, or playing a song on the go. Just ask your digital assistant about this.

You need to complete a report or project for your school or office setting. Want to take a hundred books on your trip and find it hard to read? That’s where your tablet cum e-book comes in handy.

So there’s always a suitable system that fits your requirements and needs. A digital drawing tablet is a huge investment, and these tablets are also slightly costly, but if your work is extremely dependent on digital space, particularly if you’re an artist or an architect or someone in the field of design, this would rather be an essential investment. But before you buy one, make sure it satisfies your needs and requirements as it varies from person to person.

Apart from that, make sure you go for the right model as different models on the market are different in detail and that are appropriate for different people in different sectors. Other than that, I hope this article will enable you to purchase a tablet that is specifically designed for you.

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