10 Best Cheap Windows Tablet: Budget Friendly Picks

Best Cheap Windows Tablets

Be it a tablet or a PC, we all know that it can get everything done if that is windows-based. The best cheap windows tablet will help enjoy both the worlds of PC and tablets at the most affordable prices.

Most cheap Windows tablets on our list are known to provide a great user experience and are equally efficient for all daily tasks. You can use all sorts of different Windows office applications as well as play any games of your choice. These Tablets also allow you to browse any social media networks and any other apps that you run on a generic laptop with the best processors and specifications on the market.

Without any delay, let’s start with our list.

10 Best Cheap Windows Tablet

Chuwi Hi10 X Tablet with Keyboard and Stencil: The All-Rounder

Chuwi Hi10 X Tablet with Keyboard and Stencil: The All-Rounder when it comes to best cheap Windows tablet
Chuwi Hi10 X

There are a lot of cheap Windows 10 tablets available, but this one is an all-rounder. The Windows 10 age is a golden era for hardware.

This one comes at a low price compared to its performance. The era of getting expensive notebook-tablets is gone.

 Meaning that you can find a good-looking display for not a great deal of money today, using assistance from an optional computer keyboard and digital pencil if you’d like them.

Intel’s N4100 Celeron quad-core chip powers it, and it includes 128GB of internal storage backed up by 6GB of RAM.

Finally, the Hi10 X is a streamlined, affordable tablet, especially if you are looking for a cheap windows tablet that can also function as a removable Computer/PC and has the advantage of a digital pencil. It is not merely a fantastic tablet computer with killer specs because of its bargain-basement cost, but it is also a reasonably competent notebook.

Fusion5 FWIN232 PLUS: Best Budget Windows Tablet

Fusion5 FWIN232 PLUS: Best Budget Windows Tablet
Fusion5 FWIN232 PLUS

This tablet is slender, light, and features a gorgeous screen and an attractive cost, all wrapped up using Windows 10 in S mode. You always have the option to update from this if you want, and while there is no keyboard, you do get an alternative with 128GB of storage to decide on the 6GB of RAM and Intel Atom chip for a relatively powerful little beast. The Fusion Charge can charge up to 80% in 45-50 minutes and full 100% in just 70-80 minutes.

It has a 10″ Full-HD Screen, which does an excellent job for any everyday task and is big enough to enjoy video conferences simultaneously. The screen has a fantastic watching experience and is just the right choice for viewing favorite TV shows, movies, and streaming content on Youtube. If you are looking for doing heavy programming, this tablet might not work the best solution for you.

You get many ports on this item, which is not the standard for tablet computers generally. You get one USB port, micro USB, and micro HDMI together with a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack plus a micro SD card slot. It is all that you need when it comes to enjoying both a PC and a Tablet in a GO!

Microsoft Surface Pro 6: Best Premium Option

Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pro 6

You know it’s going to be expensive if it comes from Microsoft. But the quality of the hardware combined with the exceptional software experience is all that you can demand from this Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It is a brand-new edition.

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You will enjoy the appearance and the different features this 2-in-1 PC and Tablet has to offer. It’s a fancy-looking tablet computer that includes an optional attachable keyboard plus a Surface Pen. In any case, it includes the ultra-crisp 12.3-inch screen, 1TB of storage, 16GB RAM, and powerful hardware. It’s more favored for the battery lifetime.

As it is powered by the 8th generation Intel Core i7 chip, it is undoubtedly dependable on performance. With its battery, you can get as long as 13.5 hours of movie playback. It has a much better battery and works sixty-eight hours more than the Surface Pro 5. It’s redesigned front-facing speakers using a more silent fanless cooling system. If you don’t have the budget for Surface Pro 6, you can still get the Surface Pro 5 for half its price.

Chuwi Windows Tablets

Chuwi Windows Tablet UBookX
Chuwi Windows Tablets – UbookX

The Chuwi U-Book comes as a competitor to the Surface Go from Microsoft, but it costs a great deal less than the Surface Pro 6 or the Surface Pro 5 for that matter.

The hardware has been scaled to an Intel N4100 chip, running on four threads and has a frequency turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz to deliver the ultimate responsiveness and smooth, seamless multitasking.

Additionally, it has a kickstand, optional pen, removable keyboard, and cost, which reflects real value. The screen is even completely Anti-Glare laminated, so while it is limited to 1080p in resolution, it looks fantastic and is a pleasure to use.

If you can go a tad higher on your budget, the UBookX is a steal deal.

ASUS Transformer Book 10.1 – Cheap Windows Tablet

ASUS Transformer Book 10.1
ASUS Transformer Book 10.1

ASUS Transformer Book 10.1 is an affordable Windows tablet with 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of expandable memory, a metal frame, and Intel Core M Processor with 4M shared L3 cache, Turbo Boost up to 2.00 GHz. It can go up to eleven hours of battery life and has a rich set of wired and wireless connectivity choices. Since it’s a 2-in-1 PC, you get to enjoy both world of PC and a Notebook.

With 11 hours of battery life, it can stand a great deal before you have you charge it. It is lightweight, and so you can make it your travel companion as well. The only thing that bugs us is that it comes with windows 8.1. So, to get the best of the performance, update it to the latest Windows 10 from this link. If you are looking for a How-to guide, this one from Verge will do it.

ASUS Transformer Book 10.1 will be excellent for searching for a trendy, innovative, and cheap Windows tablet to fulfill their multiple needs.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 – Best Budget 10 inch windows tablet

Microsoft Surface Go 2 - Best Budget 10 inch windows tablet
Microsoft Surface Go 2

Surface GO should be your choice if you are looking for the best budget 10-inch Windows tablet. It surprisingly only weighs 1.2 pounds and is just perfectly suited for all the places you go to. The touch screen has very bright and crisp colors and is a visual treat for the eyes.

If you are looking to purchase something special for video calls, this one comes with Full HD front- and rear-facing cameras, which will let you make and take crisp, clear calls to/from friends and family.

Its Pentium CPU has enough horsepower to run everyday tasks and stay long with no need to run to the socket every three hours.

Surface Go 2 is our top pick and undoubtedly one of the best affordable Windows 10 tablets. It can easily suit all basic needs such as office work, and it is also perfect for browsing, playing, and binge-watching.

If you shop for a Surface Go, prepare to buy a type cover. It is being sold separately (there are options with different colors), but you can find some deals with the keyboard included. Both the keyboard and Surface Pen are not included in your purchase.

Acer Spin 3 (With Amazon Alexa)

Acer Spin 3 (With Amazon Alexa)
Acer Spin 3 comes with a stylus in the box

If you are looking for something more powerful than a tablet and still fit the 2-in-1 world, look out for the Acer Spin 3.

It features a 14″ 1080p display that looks sharp and provides vivid color details. Delightful experience if you want to purchase it for essential work and binge-watching. It has got a massive 16 GB ram, which is the highest currently on our list to excite you more.

With Intel Core i7 8th generation processor, it can take up casual to medium games easily.

Don’t worry about the thickness, too; it’s just 0.78 inches. With a stylus provided together with the Unit, it offers more value for money compared to Surface laptops. However, with the hefty specs, the laptop becomes heavier too.

The typing experience is decent and not as good as compared to the Surface laptops. But at this price, it indeed gets its job done marvelously. You also get added excellent fingerprint protection.

HP Elite X2 1012 G1

HP Elite X2 1012 G1: It is a popular Budget alternative to Surface laptops
HP Elite X2 1012 G1: Budget alternative to Surface laptops

If you want an alternative to the Microsoft Surface Go series at a much lesser price, HP Elite X2 is here for your rescue. It offers everything the Surface Go has to offer and more. It comes with a variety of storage options that go all the way to 512 GB.

Coming to the performance part, you get a more powerful CPU compared to the Surface Go. The Elite X2 offers Core M3/M5/M7, which is much more powerful than the Pentium gold offered on Surface Go.

Since it has a more prominent display, you sure are going to take it more often for enjoying and binging your favorite movies and shows.

While the design part can always be a debate, it comes with a U-shaped kickstand and outstanding speakers from B&O’s house. HP Elite X2 has a solid 8 GB of RAM, making multitasking way more fun.

 Huawei MateBook E

 Huawei MateBook E
 Huawei MateBook E

Suppose sleek looks and beautiful design matters to you. Look for nothing other than Huawei Matebook E. Security-wise, it comes with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor which is very quick to respond.

The bezzles are narrow near the screen, and the bodyweight is surprisingly light compared to devices that come in a similar range and category.

The Core M5 is reasonable, and with a 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage, you can make all your ends meet easily. If you want more, you can go for the expensive variant with 256gigs of storage and 8gigs of RAM.

Jumper EZpad 6 Pro PC Tablet

Jumper EZpad 6 Pro PC Tablet
Jumper EZpad 6 Pro PC Tablet

Jumper EZpand 6 Pro PC Tablet is one of the top tablets in the range of cheap windows tablets. Having a screen size of 11.6″ you are sure to enjoy any content that you watch or stream on it. It has the latest Windows 10 version installed out of the box and also features a detachable keyboard. The keyboard is really fun to type. Not only that, it is very slim and super easy to attach.

With 6GB of DDR3 Ram, you are future proof. The inbuilt storage is 64GB of eMMC flash storage memory, which is okay for average daily use. Not to forget that you can use USB storage as well if you ever feel you are running low. The screen is 11.6″ with 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution. Thus, making it enough for movies and basic editing work. The processor you get is a quad-core one that is clocked at 1.6Ghz. The processor can be upgraded to 2.0 GHz. With Windows 10 Home pre-installed, you are all set to start working remotely.

People often ask, Tablet or a Tablet PC – What Should you pick?

Well, getting a tablet is much more needed now than ever. Earlier, it required a lot of monetary investments. But it’s not the case anymore. These are now serving multiple purposes of both a laptop (PC) and a tablet simultaneously. There a lot of cheaper and affordable windows tablets available now. The portability and functionality are what makes tablets worth buying.

The list we have compiled contains the best cheap windows tablet. To keep this list as fresh as possible, we have tried only to include those laptops that run on Windows 10. Other than this, we made sure that all the tablets have their unique design and styling.


That wraps up our list. I hope you could finally pick the Cheap Windows Tablet you desired. While budget is a subjective term and varies from person to person, we tried to cover everything from Tablets, Removable Tablets/PC, 2-in-1 PCs so that you can decide what’s the best for you is. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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